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Robert DeBarge Sr., patriarch of the DeBarge family Dies



Robert DeBarge Sr., patriarch of the DeBarge family and father of El DeBarge passed away this past week. No other information or current pictures were sent to us.

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  1. I liked Mr. DeBarge. Met him in 1972. The most outrageious “shouter” (spirit dance in holiness churches) for a white man that I’d ever seen.

    He was very nice, hyper and funny kind of guy. I had no idea about the abuse allogations until later. That was sad to hear. But you must admit, he and Sis. Etterlene made a batch of beautiful and talented kids that achieved world acclaim in the field of music.

  2. uhmm , this is what i have to say about him .. i nevah liked him .. and his lies .. but i forgave him .. but i wont never like him but i forgive him but dont like him what the cause and trouble he has cause and done to the debarge family .. if it wasnt for him they wouldnt be going through what they going throught now .. drugs .. abuse.. jail .. prisonn.. this sh** is all of his fault .. im not gone be happy he dead.. but i forgave him long time agoo… it sad that he died butt… it was good while he lasted in the worldd… also , im soo happy that the lovable debarge family is doing good off the addiction doing good .. and open there hearts up to our creator GOD!.. as me as well …. im glad they accomaplish good … the new gernartion is doing good also …. love debarge!

  3. To jasmined:

    NO ONE can make you do drugs and other ill things. A person CHOOSES to do those things. Grant it, Mr. DeBarge Sr may have caused his family some psychological or emotional pain, but that does not excuse anyone for turning to drugs, going to prison, etc. I have had ALOT of horrible things happen to me in life, but I NEVER turned to drugs, alcohol , or anything other than God to take away the pain. With the their [DeBarge Family’s] spiritual upbringing, they should have known better. I realize that we all make mistakes, but it is time for the DeBarge family to admit that they CHOSE to do drugs.

  4. no matter what mr debarge was their father, and as life goes u take the good with the bad, most dad don’t stick around,i am 49 and have never met my dad, i realize mr debarge did some things that were bad to his family. but at the same time moma d did not have to stay with him no matter how many kids she had, it’s time to for give him and move on and don’t blame him for his kid’s drug problums, we know what we do when we do drugs, no one make’s u do it but u, i know cause i use to used. i don’t any more, so good luck debarge family,

  5. To : Fionna Walker

    Uhm , excuse Me …. depression leads to drugs .. and of course that leads to prison. you have Your Own opinion and I have Mine’s.

  6. It Seems You Guys Don’t Knw What Your Talking About. Cause You Have NOT I Repeat HAVE NOT Gone Threw it .. So First of all Please Dont Comment And Feel It’s Right. Cause Its Not. Cause You read What He’d Done , But Have You Actually Gone Threw It? NO You Havent It. So , Let’s Just Please Keep Our Comment’s To Our Self. Of Course It Was There Choice But , Following On To the Pain And Awful stucture This Man Has Caused. And I Repeated Like #3 ? Times.. I FORGAVE—> ? HIM! But Had To Let My Opinion Out. And Uhm , Not To Be Rude But I Could Care Less How Old You Are… You Still Don’t Know What They Been Threw. You Read —> ” Heard It”, But Haven’t Been Threw It. So Before You Talk And Comment On Other People’s Opinion , Please Make Sure You Actually Gone Threw What They Went Threw The Past! Please Have A Pleasent Day.?
    RIP?Robert DeBarge Sr.,

  7. Rest in peace, Mr. DeBarge. May God have mercy on your soul.

    Thank you for your contributions of producing some children who are tremendous musicians and singers.

  8. People do not realize that what a child experiences in the early years is a total reflections of the future years. Meaning that if you are molested as a child by your father of all people, it is and will have a drastic change on your life. If it has not happened to you, you cannot say what the affects would or would not have lead you to do. It was not his abscense in their lives that did the damage, but if the molestation allegations are true it definitely could, would, and did lead to devistation to his children.

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