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You are NOT Ready for THIS!!! The Most Racist and Disrespecful President Obama Image to DATE (pic)

hanging Obama Racist Image


…but what’s worse…this picture found in The Shell gas station on Bay Meadow Rd. In Madison, Wisconsin or all the young black men in this country who are not registered to vote and could care less. You do the math. VOTE ON TUESDAY Obama/Biden THE BEST CHOICE.


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  1. It is so sad that in 2012 there are still people this stupid in the world.. Yes everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It is obvious that “people” (and I use that term loosely) aren’t looking at the good things that OUR PRESIDENT has done they hate him simply because of the color of his skin. Question… Has anyone seen or heard of anything racist aimed towards Mitt Romney…..? Me either. They can be racist and say or do whatever they want. Plot,do whatever. but if it is Gods will for President Obama to remain in the Whitehouse it will be done… By the way OBAMA HAS MY VOTE!!!

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