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WZAK’s Sam Sylk Using Radio Show, Leverage and Social Media as Catalyst for Brand Expansion

Time waits for no one and neither does radio. The legendary Sam Sylk knows that from his experience and he is wise not to forget it. He’s originally from Chicago. Over the years, I’ve always been impressed with his ability to brand himself in a way that opens the door of opportunity. When you look at his FaceBook page, you don’t see a lot of pictures with celebrities. Let’s face it, for the most part, we all know how small yet segregated the industry is. We have to ask ourselves what’s more important? Always promoting what THEY do or finding a way to also promote what WE do. Sam promotes his show, the station, his events and now his restaurant on . He’s brilliant in getting the most out of the concept. Sam also understands leverage, use it or lose it. No doubt this helps him in many ways on and off the air. He’s building a legacy that goes beyond radio. KUDOS. His food looks great too. I encourage all industry people to order something from his restaurant (lol). I’m not sure if he ships but help this man build his business. I hear the fried salmon is the best.

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