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WOW, LOOK at what the industry is saying about THESE Top 30 Black Women in Media!!!

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Tori Bailey   Muscle Shoals Broadcasting.
She is an industry vet who has worked for many years in radio, records, retail, and promotions, and who today serves as general manager for a heritage station that will be forty years old next year. She will also serves (for the 8th consecutive year) as chair of the W.C. Handy Music Festival, the largest tourism attraction in northwest Alabama, which will celebrate its 30th Festival during Alabama’s “Year of Music” in July 2011. Tori works with radio to effect change, from WZZA’s upcoming (annual) radio thon for Sickle Cell Disease, to educating listeners about Black Health disparities from AIDS to diabetes, to voter registration and education, and more. And she promotes real, live, radio so that the community can learn about issues often ignored by mainstream media, and be empowered by that knowledge… Thanks for recognizing women in these roles.

President Radio/TV One
She went from sleeping in a run down station, that was barely operating to owning owning more than 70 radio stations in major markets in the U.S. Radio One is now a publicly traded company, In January 2004, Radio One launched TV One, a national cable and satellite television network.

Oprah Winfrey Harpo Productions, The O network
It’s OPRAH! The launching of O network is enough. Solidet Obrion CNN Her series on being black in America,has brought her to new heights.

Karen Vaughn Radio One Cleveland Asst Pd/Personality
Not only is Karen a true DIVA! But she represents for all women everywhere! She’s inspires with her words and her talents! When you think of Media! You think of Karen Vaughn! She is the epitomy of everything media represents! This business is MORE than just hard work! It’s about those that are able to make their own personal mark on this journey the MOST memorable!

Staci Static Radio One St. Louis, on-air//MD
She holds down a top position in afternoon drive on the air and helps program the #1 station in St. Louis. She is raising awareness of the obesity rate of black women by promoting and participating in the Heart and Soul 5K Run. It is the 1st 5K in St. Louis for black women.

Vanessa Barryer – Philly Syndication Network/ of Operations
Her entire career has been constant! She did excellent work as a Radio Personality, Music Director, ,Record Executive,President/CEO of her own Company, Artist Management and on and on. She is currently Vice President of Operations with the newly launched Philly Syndication Network. A company that is projected to do BIG things with and for Radio. Her creativity,experience, attitude and work habits fit well wherever she shows up. It is about time that the world was made aware of this TALENTED Lady. She has earned it!

Ki Ki Brown Radio One Baltimore, Announcer (Middays)
Funny, relateable, friendly, approachable, and witty. She’s great in the community and holds compassion for change within the young adult audience. She represents Baltimore well even though she’s from Pittsburgh…you’d never know it!

Neke Howse Radio One DC-Program Director
Neke is a leader in her own right. She’s passionate about what she does and she’s never settled for less. Her strong will to win places her in 1st running every time on any station she’s working!

LaDawn Black Radio One Baltimore Announcer Overnight
LaDawn is great at what she does. She captivates her audience with her features as well as her contagious laugh. She insightful and inspiring. A leader, author, wife, and mother, you forget all that when she’s on the air. LaDawn is well deserving of this honor!
Feb 24, 2011 7:02 PM

Sheilah Belle Radio One, On Air Personality and The Belle Report, CEO
Sheilah Belle, aka The Belle, has revolutionized how the Gospel Music Industry receives news about the Gospel Community and Industry with The Belle Report. The report goes out Monday through Friday with more than 380,000 subscribers, in addition to thousand who forward it to others, and other news and website who pull from her report for news content. She has also created The Belle Report Entertainment News Update with is a 3 to 5 minute entertainment radio new report that now airs on more than 50 radio stations around the country that now also depend on her news for a national look at Gospel and entertainment news across the country.

First Lady Khris Raye Radio One Program DirectorAM1310 The Light/Asst. Program Director -/Music Director -FM/Afternoon Personality -FM
“First Lady” Khris Raye comes to Radio One Indianapolis’ from Chicago, where she was the host of “Whispers In The Dark” on top-rated WGCI-FM. First Lady started her career over 24 years ago singing “House Music and working at WGCI-FM as the first female mixer on the radio in Chicago. Since that time, First Lady has done radio stints in New York, Milwaukee, and Michigan. She is also the receipant of the 2006 Billboard Hip Hop and R&B Radio Award UAC APD/MD of the year for a large market. Currently, First Lady is handling multiple responsibilities including being Program Director of the 2010 Stellar Award and DOVE Award Station of the Year AM1310 The Light WTLC-AM, she is the first woman to hold that position, as well as, Afternoon personality, Asst. Program Director and Music Director for UAC WTLC-FM.

Barbara A. McDowell Crawford Broadcasting, Music Director – WPWX
She’s passionate about music, artist, her station, her listeners and her community. She’s a smart programmer who understands the various nuances of her station or market.

Radio One, Program Director
She is a seasoned programmer who has taken KBXX to the top. She’s a great manager of staff, has a great eye of identifying talent. One of her true callings is her excellent execution of creative ideas and making them translate well to radio (i.e. Hip Hop 4 HIV event)

Jill Strada Emmis NYC, Program Director of WRKS & APD/MD of WQHT
She manages to play a pivotal role in running and programming the #1 hip hop station in the country, yet she balances her knowledge into programming 98.7 Kiss-FM. She displays versatility in programming.

Dyana Williams Radio One – WRNB Philly Sunday Classics On Air Personality
She is a phenomenal on air personality whose tireless efforts to celebrate and promote the music and contributions of African American artists spans three decades. She is also a humanitarian, community activist, and media maven. She was one of the original sponsors of the U.S. House of Representatives resolution officially recognizing June as Black Music Month. She is also the co-founder of IAAAM, the International Association of African American Music which helped promote and recognize the rich music legacy of African American artists throughout the diaspora. She is deserving and should be among the Top 30 Women in Media

Cathy Hughes Radio One/TV – CEO/Chair
Ms. Hughes is a trailblazer who started out in Sales at WHUR in the mid 70’s. She not only raised her son as a single mom and later a divorce, she also bought over 60 radio stations and created the Radio enterprise. She later took her company public despite many adversities. She has now diversified her business model and help create TV One as a viable alternative to other cable t.v. providers offering content that is both positive and unavailable on other cable stations. Her program “Unsung” is a wonderful program that celebrates the many voices of Black musicians and performers who have been overlooked by mainstream media. She is a formidable business woman with an impressive track record of achievement.

Clovia Lawrence Radio One Richmond -radio announcer, radio and tv talk show host
Clovia Lawrence keeps her listeners informed on topics that are of interest to the entire community -health and wellness, government policy and laws, education, mental health,voter registration and restorative justice for ex-felons. She also speaks out on family verses child support and small minority businesses getting their share of the 5 billion dollars spent annually through supplier diversity Virginia.




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