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WJLB's local Mornings #1, Beats Rickey Smiley in Detroit

morningshowpic_p2As you , I have to give credit to morning shows at urban . I was looking at ’s numbers yesterday for June, 18-34, 6-10a and their leap from from 11.1 in May to   to 13.4 in June planting them at Number 1 in the market for the 3rd straight month. KJ Holiday and staff killing it and with a local show. The show is giving a brutal beating to ’s syndicated morning show The Rickey Show, which is probably the only syndicated show that I a fan of, which has now been in the market for almost a year replacing . Rickey’s show has a 2.0 for June and while that is well below WJLB’s Coco, Foolish and Mr. Chase’s morning show, he did make some progress from a 1.6 in May taking the show from #22 to #16.

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  1. Even when PPM stepped in, KJ makes great adjustments and let his players play there game. He’s a great coach!! Local wins in our market. Congratulations fam!! God is good!!

  2. Congrats to KJ, Coco, Foolish, Mr. Chase and the entire WJLB staff for a job well done.

    Keep in mind WJLB’s signal is a monster and encompasses the entire metro where WHTD is spotty at best. The devil lies in the details. Just sayin’.

    But a monster share in Motown regardless so good for JLB.

  3. KJ is a wack tom. WJLB is a heritage station with a monster signal, they win by default because WHTD sucks to the fifth degree.

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