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Why Neverland MUST Become a Theme Park

 width=All that land , Michael Jackson’s affiliation… wasted?   It’s estimated that over a billion people watched the memorial worldwide.   Does this idea have potential? Is it humid in Miami? The California economy is SO deep in dookey right now that people there have not even gotten their state refunds yet. YIKES: Can you imagine opening what you THINK is your refund check and it’s an IOU? The state is not only broke, it’s in DEEP debt. Here we have an excellent opportunity to generate revenue for the state. The possibility of a WORLDWIDE park or memorial exibit for, as so eloquently stated, THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER OF ALL TIME and we’re passing it up? Michael didn’t own much of Neverland before he died but he did prevent it from foreclosing. Neighbors around the property saying they don’t that kind of attraction in their neighborhood. Well, one of the first things they taught in real estate class was, the government or the city can step in and claim your property if it’s in the interest of the public. I’m not about Cali state laws but if it applies here, I would do just that.   In addition, there are complaints that there are hotels or accomadations for that kind of a massive crowd. Well Neverland is HUGE, take a chunk of that property and build the facilities there…. Are you trying to tell me the hotel chains would not LEAP on an opportunity to build on that site or around it if Neverland was to become a park? The setup is already in place for animals and it has rides. Not much work would have to be done to turn it into a Michael Jackson attraction. If the state does not turn Neverland into a memorial and /or theme park for Michael Jackson, AT ALL COSTS, it would be a absurd.

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