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Where is Monique? WOW Look At her NOW!!


QUESTION: Radio Facts

 width=UPDATE: 2/20/15 Monique states that director Lee Daniels informed her that she has been blackballed. The Oscar Winning actress admits that she may have been difficult to work with and there is no shortage of agreement to that statement from the radio industry when she was doing her radio show. Can she bounce back. Time will tell but she has been MIA for quite some time.

Where’s Monique????? She brightened my day every time I listened to her. If she doesn’t come back, then I’m leaving and switching to another radio station. She was the best thing that happened to your radio station. Monique brought realness and love to the airways. The topics she discussed were essential to our community. Do what you can to get her back or you are going to lose a huge amount of listeners. I really don’t care for Lady B. Now at 3:00pm I play my CDs.

Very disappointed,
Ta-Tonya Thomas

ANSWER: The station dropped it like it WASN’T Hot. But Mo is looking really good these days.

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