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WDAS Axes Michael Baisden Show

Michael Baisden

WDAS Axes Michael Baisden Show

Michael Baisden Commentary: Goodbye WDAS and Philadelphia!

(Also See Michael Baisden Quitting Show Posted March 20, 2013)

Michael Baisden’s show has been canceled at WDAS, here is his letter to fans from the market.

To my listeners on WDAS in Philadelphia, when you turn on your radios today at 3pm ET you will no longer hear the Michael Baisden Show. The powers that be at iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) have decided that music is enough in the afternoon to achieve their ratings goals. Although we were consistently in the top 5, and beating our nearest Urban Adult competitor by 10 positions, the decision was made to remove The Michael Baisden Show. While I am excited about adding Columbus, OH, last week, and I appreciate my other 78 affiliates, there seems to be a disturbing trend in urban radio to opt to give the black community less information about what’s going on in our community, even when my program is competitive, and in some cases winning in it’s time slot.

Who is going to sound the alarm in Dallas, St Louis, New York, and now Philadelphia when the next election comes around, or when the next Trayvon Martin or Jena 6 happens? The Mornings Shows do a good job, but the influence of The Michael Baisden Show has been critical to bringing social awareness to our communities.

But I don’t blame the radio networks that remove my program; I blame us as a community. The main objective of these companies is to make a profit for their Share Holders. I was told by an radio executive many years ago, “This is an advertising business first and the (read more)

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  1. Wake up people! Take action because this is just the beginning. Republicans are upset. It is no coincidence that Michael’s show was cancelled shortly after the presidential election. Fight back economically. Support those who support US! We need a voice, they know it and are quietly trying to “put us in our place”.

  2. It is a travesty that the Michael Baisden show has been cancelled on WDAS in Philly! The Black community was well-informed as well as entertained every afternoon and such a show is needed. Mr. Baisden supports people, events, political and social issues that are important to all Americans. His outreach is great and his messages are admirable. The show needs to return to the Philadelphia area!

  3. See, this is what is wrong with the world today. Looking out for that almighty dollar and not the wants of the people. In my car, I was tuned to WDAS all the time. Now, I will continue listening to the Steve Harvey morning show, but WDAS can fall off the dial. I will find something more informative to listen to. Good going execs. You just made a city full of enemies.
    God Bless you, Michael Baisden. I will catch you on I-♥ Radio!

  4. Taking away our voice. Just a way to keep us in our place. Out of touch with what is really happening to us in this country. Anyone willing to keep our people informed is simply put in their place by removing their voice.

  5. I listen on Baisden Live since WDAS no longer broadcasts the show. Did anyone start an online petition to bring the show back to the radio station?

  6. A local personality can fill the bill with information that is important to that market place. We did it before National syndicated shows replaced all the great local talent..If given a chance Local announcers can serve their communties with information and intertaiment and still garner revenue and ratings for their radio station!!!..!!!!

  7. WDAS will lose a lot of listeners during that time slot. A lot of us from Philly now listen online. That decision made no sense at all.

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