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V103 Atlanta PD Reggie Rouse Talks to Radio Facts

reggie rouseV103 is a MAJOR, top rated radio station in the Atlanta market and has been for decades and is a programmer that pays great attention to his audience. When I lived in Atlanta for six years, I was invited to cover several V103 events and I can honestly say I have never seen such an incredible love and dedication to a station by the listeners. They LOVE this station. Rouse took the time to talk about the station’s success in Atlanta.

: Tell us about your history in the business?

REGGIE ROUSE: V103/WAOK V103/WAOK 7 YEARS- Now VP/Urban – PD Live in the Den with Big Tigger/Premiere Radio. WPGC-Donnie Simpson morning show producer/APD Promoted to OM Morning Show Producer at WPGC (8 years). WBLS-Co-APD. WAEG/WAEJ PD-Augusta, GA AND WQKS-First PD gig, Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

: Your on-air lineup is very unique and they all have different personalities that mesh well to form the image of the station. Do you think it’s important to allow announcers to be themselves? Tell us about your staff.

RR: Yes, our talent is a major part of our success. Frank Ski’s foundation gives out grants for kids heading to college and takes kids on overseas trips.   Wanda Smith volunteers at Shelters for abused women and reads to pre-school kids.

Ryan Cameron’s foundation does a free health fair every year, a father daughter dance for fathers day and he also give out scholarships to students attending college.

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