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UNSUNG REVIEW: Vesta (Williams) Premieres Jan 2, 2012

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I have to admit, I was excited about watching this episode and at the same time I didn’t want to see it. I thought it would be sad and morose.   Surprisingly, it was very tastefully done and it was quite uplifting. TVOne weaved her untimely death during the filming into the story line perfectly. Williams who was from Ohio once sang in a band as a teenager where she admitted was the birthplace of her long cocaine addiction. Her problem with the drug continued into her successful years as an artist on A&M records in the 0s where she admits it got so bad that she could see in one side of her nose into the other side (YIKES, in other words the cocaine had burned a hole in the thin cartilage that separates your nostrils.

Williams talks about her massive weight gains at her largest point skyrocketing up to a size 28, which caused the label to lose interest in promoting her. She admitted her food addiction was the result of eating at Waffle House type restaurants while she was on the road performing her hits in concerts then feeling lonely when she was not working (many artists have described this same type of loneliness between projects).

Vesta once sang background for Chaka Khan when she first arrive in LA and everyone compared her to Chaka when she first his the scene because their singing styles were amazingly similar but there was some kind of riff between the two of them. Industry insiders state Khan felt Williams duplicated her style which did not sit well with Khan. We hear she was allegedly asked but gracefully declined to be a part of the show nor did she attend Vesta‘s funeral. Outside of that, when Vesta died it was not secret to those closest to her that she was struggling financially and dealing with her daughter who at the time of Vesta‘s death was said to be homeless. Vesta‘s daughter has three children of her own. Vesta admits she had to move into the hotel because she could no longer afford to pay the rent in the house she had been living in for years. Overall the show was not that sad, very informative and very candid. Vesta appears throughout the segment during interviews and even reviewing her old self with friends while watching videos. Sadly, she was very excited about the show because she thought it would reignite her career but unfortunately, she died before the show was completed.

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