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The Undeniable Top 10 Male R&B Groups From the 90s

The Undeniable Male R&B Groups From the 90s?

Who are the Top 10 male R&B groups from the 90’s? In my humble opinion, the 90’s brought some very good R&B to the radio and to the world with the emergence of groups like Jodeci, , , and a host of others. We wanted to know what was the undeniable top 10 male R&B groups from that era so we took our question to the streets, well at least the internet to determine which groups would reign supreme. Click NEXT above or below to see the next group.

10. Silk


Discovered by R&B crooner, Keith Sweat, Silk is best known for their hit singles, “Freak Me”, and “Happy Days” from their debut album, Lose Control. Another hit from Lose Control, “Girl U For Me”, helped the album reach double platinum status. I was at a party recently and DJ Kid Capri threw on “Freak Me” and the place went absolutely nuts! That says a lot about classic songs. The group consisted of Tim Cameron, Jimmy Gates, Gary “Big G” Glenn,
Jonathen “John-John” Rasboro, and Gary “Lil G” Jenkins.

9. Mint Condition


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  1. Silk was 10x better people just didn’t listen to them, to be honest the 90’s is probably the second or third era of music to judge.

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