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TOO MUCH FOR TUESDAY: Preacher/Radio Host Busted with Crack in his….. CRACK???

Now do you see why I don’t believe in religion? Higher power? Yes but religion… NO! There is NO man or woman on this earth that is greater than your own higher power…. below is proof…we ALL make mistakes…

A man identified as a Fort Wayne pastor and radio personality has been arrested on three charges of dealing cocaine. Fort Wayne police said the department had received several complaints about the Rev. Curtis White III selling cocaine, and the Vice and Narcotics Section investigated him for a month before making an arrest Friday. According to a written statement, police served a warrant at White’s hotel room in the 4900 block of Bluffton Road and found 6.6 grams of crack cocaine in the room and 6.5 grams of crack cocaine “secreted in a body cavity of Mr. White.” White, 59, of the 4200 block of Hanna Street, was being held on $150,000 bond. (Do they mean he has the crack up his ass? YIKES)

Police said Beatrice Knox, 44, of the 3700 block of S. Lafayette St., aided in making the purchase. She was charged with two counts of dealing cocaine and one count of possessing cocaine. Knox was being held on $102,500 bond. White has been Sunday morning host of the Gospel Train Unity Inspirational Hour on 102.9 The River, the station confirmed Monday. It said he paid for the time, and the payment was listed in connection with Divine Faith Baptist Church, 1433 McCulloch St. His promotional items for the station describes him as a pastor, but does not say what church with which he is affiliated. A call Monday to the phone number listed for the church said it had been disconnected or was no longer in service.

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  1. Kevin,

    With all due respect, what a pastor does or does not do should have no bearing on why you don’t believe in religion because man in always going to be prone to sin. Whether you believe in a particular religion or not is an individual choice, a pastor is just a messenger of the Word and sometimes they fall as we all do. They will have to stand before thier maker and account for their sins. Nevertheless, you can’t take a few bad apples and group them with the bunch because there are too many good, ethical pastors of integrity that are transforming lives everyday. God bless.

  2. For me, it’s a personal choice. I respect people who do believe in religion and the black church… and they often have no problem expressing how they feel so why can’t I???? I’ve had some miracles happen in my life, for the most part, there was a connection with my higher power, everyday people or it was outside of the Black church where things took place. I’ve also had a couple of miracles happen because of the black church too. I’ve had incredible balance in my life, all my life…I was abused as a child but I was also incredibly blessed at the same time doing things most kids would never dream of. I watch ministers like TD Jakes promote elitism during his sermons and he puts himself on a pedestal along with his church members. He has some incredible messages and motivational sermons but they are completely watered down when he adds his arrogance and “we’re better than them” elements. I have never met TD but I would tell him directly to his face what I am saying here. There is nobody in that church or ANY black church that is any better or greater than anyone outside the church. They all eat, sleep, fart and make mistakes. I’ve always been a champion for the underdog and you don’t help people by attacking them. You never know who may be walking into that church on the verge of suicide looking for some kind of salvation, compassion or understanding. Women who have been abused as children and constantly find themselves in the company of abusive men cannot be told “Get over it” and they are supposed to follow through. Some women can do it when THEY decide to but that’s horrible advice. When someone is abused as a child they are defenseless. Moreover, addiction is ALWAYS the result of unresolved childhood issues. So if a woman is accustomed to being with abusive men, she needs to address the childhood trauma and those responsible who did not protect her. She should not be told “Get over it.” She doesn’t know how. That’s the problem. Nevertheless, this is the type of advice ministers like TD Jakes often tell women and men and I don’t agree. Finally, he NEVER talks about what he’s been through in his own life. He’s very vague. I think you can be of incredible assistance to people when you open up about your own shortcomings.


  3. Good points and that’s what testimonies are all about. They help people. I don’t have a problem with people expressing themselves about religion, etc. because it brings about dialogue. The point I was trying to make is not to bunch all pastors, Black, White, Catholic, etc into the same category because a lot of them do what God has called them to do and that’s to teach and share His Word, help others and show love and compassion for non-believers and those less fortunate. When people say they have a problem with “The Black Chuch” that’s offensive to me, because I never hear a white person saying they have a problem with “The White Church”. If people have a problem with church, religion, etc., why is the Black church always the one getting the bad rap? In my opinion, the Catholic church has far more problems and I’m sure Jehovah Witnesses, Muslims and other religions do as well. Thanks for allowing me to share.

  4. Hello,
    This News is very shocking considering the fact that I used to work for Beatrice Knox. When I say work I mean I was employed under her at a restraunt chain called Golden Corral back in 2000 I was 15 at the time.
    One thing I can say is that she was a very coo lady; BUT I can tell when some one is under the influence just by being were im from. It’s sad that she got popped and mixed up in this case. I am personal friends with her son and this news is very shocking to me. I havent herd from her son in awhile though but I hope he’s ok…Damn Ms. B…Damn..

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