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Tom Joyner Sides with NAACP on Endorsing Misogyny and “N” Word?

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During his nationally syndicated show on Monday, March 7th, injected himself in the ongoing debate regarding the ’s nominations of rap that sexually objectify and degrade women, use the “N” word, promote violence, drug use, and criminal activity, and portray Black and Latino men as pimps, gangsters, and thugs. In response to the public comments of Rev. Delman Coates, Organizer of the Enough Is Enough Campaign and Senior Pastor of the Mt. Ennon Baptist in Clinton, MD, criticizing some of the NAACP’s nominations, Mr. Joyner took to the airwaves to provide a justification for the questionable Image Award nominations. Joyner commented to the effect, “Are you listening Rev.? This is show business…and if you want them (i.e. the NAACP) to be prime time, and air their awards show on a major network, then you’re going to have to have the rappers. You can’t have it both ways Rev. This is entertainment. See what would happen trying to have an awards show and it’s just you.” Then, in a failed and ill-conceived attempt to wax comedicly about the matter, J. Anthony Brown compared the organization trying to have an awards show without rappers to “the Reverend” having service without a choir. “You and the first lady try having without a choir. It’s just going to be you in there. So you got that Rev.?”

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  1. I like Tom Joyner, but lately he has been on the wrong side of a lot of issues. I don’t get it. Is he compromising his integrity for ratings? Rappers don’t listen to him. Rev. Coates is absolutely right in his position.

  2. The Ancestors are rolling over in their graves after sacrificing so much for African Americans and our culture. And this is how we Honor one another and their Legacy! We must move beyond Materialism and Spiritually feed our Minds, Hearts and Souls with Love, Peace and Knowledge. Support the efforts of those “Truly” working to make a positive difference in the World! You possess the Power to make positive images of The African American People in America a Reality!

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