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Today’s Feature: What Happened to Pebbles?


44-year-old Perri Alette McKissak or the former “Pebbles” started off as a backup singer for Con Funk Shun
After that she managed to have several hits on her own as a solo artists on the former MCA records but her greatest fame came from being the manager of tlc. The problems that followed that relationship according to , then made the relationship infamous.A cable special on tlc and their rise to fame chronicled their signing a contract, becoming very famous and being dead broke. which they attributed to Pebbles, who was their manager at the . The report was crash course in music industry business for anyone watching and was not only scrutinizing but it was also devastating to Pebbles, personally and professionally. much that she admits it was one of the reasons she walked away from the music industry for good. Pebbles states she was only looking out for their (TLC’s) best interest but TLC didn’t see it that way and they made sure they told anyone who would listen how the saw it. Shortly thereafter, Pebbles, a woman who was not raised in the church says she got a calling and she became a Christian minister under the name Sister Perri in , some of her biggest followers include like Whitney . She is still a minister in Atlanta to this . Here is one of her hits “Girlfriend” (vid)



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  1. I don’t know about anyone, But I always loved pebbles. Her songs and the ways she dressed, I am so glad that she started as Christian Minister, That is great because I am a Christian and I would love to hear her story on how she faced the LORD Jesus and how she is getting on the steps to the right road… You go Girl… Your still the best… Keep doing what you are doing cause the Lord is looking for people like you…

    God Bless you and your family..

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