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The Radio Facts Top 10 Best Urban DJs of All Time WINNERS!!


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  1. Hey Kev,
    Another home run on this piece! It is good to see these folk get some props today! Man this industry treats us like coke cans, when it is all gone we toss it in the trash and dont look back! Lot of talent in these top 10, and to think that most folk on the air may not know these folk or have heard their legacy. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kevin, I enjoyed reading about these legends although I’m disappointed that another guy who came through Buffalo wasnt on the list Eddie O’Jay as well as Jocko Henderson,who was before a lot of people’s time, I heard Jocko through airchecks,also since radio then was really local(now we can hear a lot on line),a lot of greats went unnoticed

  3. I can not believe you didn’t include the Magnificent Monteque who coined the phrase “Burn Baby Burn” and so Los Angeles did just that during the riots of the 60’s…He was on KGFJ in LA…

    God Bless

  4. Thanks to all of you. Jae, Magnificent was on the list but not quite enough votes. Please read KEVIN’S SUMMARY on the contest and why it was done this way. Off to the gym my friends.

  5. not a bad choice in the bunch…the fact is there many ways to lay out the greats…i’d like to see the best talent by decade as well so you could see some of the more recent talent..igends a lot of these let’s sad that lot of the younger cats (and kittens) have never heard examples/airchecks of what made them great

    otherwise well done Kevin…and long overdue

  6. Half of these people I have never heard of. I think that there are several DJs that should have made the list. Certainly the late Mevin Lindsey, Kevin “Slow-Jammin” James and Alvin John Waples. Both Kevin and alvin John have been on both coasts.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed this article. Great work Kevin. Being from buffalo I can surely say that Frankie and Gary influenced me greatly. By the way where’s Mark Vann Superman on that list? LOL

  8. Hello Kevin
    I just stumbled onto your page. As an “Old School” DJ from New York I appreciate the effort you put into your research. It must have been quite challenging to come up with a list of “Top 10 Best Urban DJs of All Time “..
    There have been, and are currently, so many radio pioneers, personalities and innovators, in our history. I hope your future articles will expand on this and include some of the great business men and women who have helped to build and nurture urban radio over the years.
    Keep up the good work

  9. Nice list, but aside from Walt Love, I don’ see any legends from the LA area, like the Magnificent Montague…He coined the phrase “Burn Baby, Burn” and we all know Los Angels did “Burn”…

    What about Levi Booker “Levi Loves You Los Angeles”, or The Jammin Jay Rich, Mr. Kicks…

    Just a thought…

  10. Just wanted to say that Hank Spann graced the Atlanta area for a couple of years as well (as Hank Spann The Ladies’ Man) and let me tell you, Atlanta (teen aged girls, anyway) just LOVED him. It would be good to see you focus on other major cities as well. Great article.


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