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The Entertainment Industry’s Dangerous Game of ‘Ego and Tenure’

statement about R&B on a TV One appearance made the rounds recently and her point is incredibly valid but she also leaves a couple of things out. In this appearance, she talks about how fake the industry can be and that the love that we give is often not reciprocated amongst industry brethren. “Keep in mind when you are invited to someone’s house, you are the entertainment” the veteran R&B singer states on this appearance. and she is correct… BUT

“…if what you are doing does not have perceived VALUE you are pretty much just DONE”

Stephanie states what many of us in the industry already know to be true. The people we work with and do business with are rarely our true friends but so is the girl at the Starbucks we get coffee from or our favorite teller at the bank. While there are always exceptions we must never forget we work in a lifestyle industry. This means it’s an industry that has no set hours or standard work rules. You can eat with people you work with, drink with people you work with and go to events with people you work within any industry but in OUR industry the difference is it’s all part of the job. In any other industry, you may have developed a true friendship with these instances.

Can we have TRUE friends in the ? You will have to wait to find that out when you are out of work or in need, then let me know how that works out for you. BTW, don’t call me, just send me an email. I consider clients my BEST friends, they can hate me to the core but I STILL consider them my friends because they believe in and respect what I do and at the end of the day this is a business and “what we DO” is paramount. Notice I said “DO” not “DID.” (my dark humor is always ready)

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