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Radio Facts Radio Show 5 “Music Matters”

In this GREAT episode we cover a lot of ground. We talk about Billboard’s charts, the letter on The biggest mistakes artists make. Black ownership/White Leadership. Shut up and do something etc. Hear our personal conversation about the industry….

Radio Facts Radio Show Podcast “Changing Industry” New Episode

The first Episode: Over 10,000 Listens in 5 days!!! Radio Facts Radio Show -NEW EPISODE “Changing Industry” Listen to, Download, Share Link 5 Industry Friends do a Conference Call about the Industry and YOU’RE Invited to listen!!!! February 6, 2014…

kevRoss’ Art Icon “Berry Gordy”

I’ve worked in the music and radio industry for many years and I have met a lot of celebrities, politicians and major stars, I was MOST impressed with Berry Gordy. I cannot imagine what this man just have been up…

kevRoss’ Art “Weight of the World”

An artist told me if a picture ever scares you or is too deep step away from it for a minute. This is that picture, it is a black man with the weight of the world on his shoulders, dealing…