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10 Ways to Get Your Song Played on the Radio


10 WAYS TO GET YOUR SONG PLAYED ON THE RADIO – One of the most frustrating things for an artist is getting their song on the radio. It’s a strategic game that only the pros on the inside know about but there are several ways to get around the industry and get it done in other ways that are rarely explored.

Book Excerpt: If radio (decision makers) don’t know you and don’t have a relationship with you, they won’t deal with you. PERIOD. They won’t take your phone calls they will be a bit shady when you approach them and you have to earn your place which can take YEARS. But there ARE ways around that.”

In this book, written by RF Focus publisher Kevin Ross who has over 30 years of experience in the music and radio industry, you will get tips on how to get around the politics and most important save money. There are a lot of people out there who will tell you they can get your song played and charge you thousands of dollars and deliver nothing. The key is to know who the true players are.


Book Excerpt:I’ve been working in the industry for many years and can honestly tell you 99% of the people who solicit you for email blasts direct to radio and getting your record played are full of shit. I have never heard of MOST of them and I can assure you the radio industry doesn’t know them either.

This book tells you what to look out for and whom to hire to help you with your project if you decide to hire someone. On countless occasions, I’ve seen artists who have had some great product get burned by money-hungry opportunists who are not a part of the industry. The artists get burned and frustrated and end up not promoting themselves anymore after a bad experience. I’ve seen bad experiences like this end promising careers.


Book Excerpt: “The people who CAN get rarely, if ever, advertise their services. It’s very simple when you think about it if someone is truly connected to the labels, radio and the artists, why would they need to advertise their services?”

10 WAYS TO GET YOUR SONG PLAYEDsong played on the radio

This book will not only give you some helpful tips on getting your song played, we will also tell you how the industry works. This book gives you the warning signs of the crooks and the people to watch out for. This is a simple and quick read, very to the point without long drawn out explanations or complications. Getting your song played on the radio is not rocket science but it does take a strategic approach to get done. Nothing ventured nothing gained, this book is here to make sure you venture in the right direction.

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