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Six GREAT Ways to INSTANTLY Improve Your Health


Six GREAT Ways to INSTANTLY Improve Your Health

We are not doctors so we strongly suggest that you see your doctor before trying any of these things. We do utilize most of these methods ourselves so we know they work… enjoy…

Lifting Weights Benefits Black Men’s Heart Health

A new study indicates a little weight training may go a long way toward helping improve the heart health of black men. Just six weeks of resistance exercise appears to have a positive impact on the blood levels of key indicators for inflammation, immune response and/or artery shape among black men. Such indicators, or “markers,” are known to rise in conjunction with tissue damage, infection and stress. But after weight training, levels of two of the markers dropped in these patients, the researchers found.

However, while the association was observed among black men it was not found among white exercisers. This caveat tracked an earlier finding by the same research team that showed that while black men who lifted weights experienced a drop in an important post-injury/infection inflammation marker known as C-reactive protein, white men did not.

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