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Scandals, Controversy, Death and Changes: Most Read Posts in Radio Facts in 2011

 width=There are some stories that just won’t die.. year after year people still read certain stories like the picture of Berry Gordy and Suzanne De Passe is still EXTREMELY popular in the blog. I don’t even remember what memorial service they were at but Hazel Gordy is behind Berry and Teddy Riley is behind her, MANY people are under the impression that Hazel Gordy is dead (YIKES). Jermaine Jackson’s ex wife is alive and well and people confuse her with TITO Jackson’s wife Delores who was allegedly murdered by her then boyfriend  L.A. Donald Bohana on August 27, 1994 when she was found at the bottom of the at his residence.  Not sure if  the was ever solved but you can read more about it here. Here are some of the other most popular stories of 2011…Starting with the MOST popular at the top of the list…

The Most Popular Stories of 2011 in RadioFacts.com

Nicki Minaj BET Awards

KEVSUM: Radio One is WRONG Drops Mathew Knowles Product

Vote for Top 45 DJs

T.I. Almost Naked on Stage Fans go INSANE

Top 20 Radio Shows of 2011

Black Women in Media Winners

Ice T’s Wife CoCo Poses for Black Men’s Magazine

Musician Raymond Jones has Died

Laura Ling Investigates Fatal Teen Triange

Hazel Gordy Pic

Woodstock Attendees

Top 45 DJ Winners

Delicious Alert Lil Kim

UNSUNG REVEIW: Billy Preston One Very Sad Show

Urban Radio PD Suddenly Dies

Robert DeBarge Father of the famous DeBarge Family Dies

Lil Kim and Tocarra appear at Black Gay Pride Event

Kobe’s Wife Vanessa’s Nipples Showing

Regina King Weightlifter


Tommy Mottola

Tom Joyner Hip Surgery

Former Kris Kross Member pic

Raymond Jones Homegoing Services


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