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Santa Claus Leaving V103

Santa Claus

As if the many changes at V103 in Atlanta were not enough… NOW THIS? Radio Facts is sorry to report that the legendary Santa Claus has been terminated from his post at Atlanta’s V103…. before Christmas. He will be replaced by The Easter Bunny. V103 Management stated that “We wanted to go in a different direction for Christmas and Mr. Claus was trending down so we decided to replace him. We thought it was best that we do it before Christmas. The station will still play Christmas music in honor of his legacy at the station.” Radio Facts did manage to get a quote from Mr. Claus upon his leaving the station while he was opening his brand new 2013 sports sleigh… he was distressed and in tears… (they say never buy a new sleigh when you work in radio)   “Dissapointed? Yes, I mean I know people were tired of hearing my Christmas music… I got that…but I NEVER thought it would be like this. I guess once Frank and Wanda left I knew my time was coming. I thought they would at least let me stay through Christmas… but it’s been a wonderful time…. and I will greatly miss the fans and the children. I’m looking at a few things and I will let Radio Facts know about a possible new gig in January.   I hope they will be able to deal with my good friend “E” (The Easter Bunny) delivering gifts to them this year. I have no further comment.”

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