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RF Tech Watch: LINDY Headphones Releases New Model of Headphones

LINDY Headphones Releases New Model of HeadphonesLINDY, a leading headphone retailer has recently released their latest model, the Cromo NCX-100. The new model offers active noise cancelling, an integrated amplifier and bass boost. The Cromo NCX-100 are the brand’s most advanced noise cancelling headphones and is the latest model to be released from the LINDY brand.

“We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our headphones range. The Cromo NCX-100 is our most advanced model and offers some fantastic qualities when it comes to sound. We hope our customers enjoy our LINDY Cromo NCX-100 headphones.” Andrew Lane from LINDY.

LINDY is a company that has been retailing since 1932, and offers a range of electronics across the UK and Europe. Alongside headphones, the company also produces cables, amps, tool kits, routers and other hardware and electronic accessories. The brand has also won awards for their products with their NC-40 Noise Cancelling Headphones gaining 4 stars from What Hi-Fi magazine and has been rated 10 out of 10 by the Sunday Mirror also.

The latest model from the brand offers fantastic quality and is a must-have for those wanting a great pair of headphones. The Cromo NCX-100 with active noise cancelling and integrated amplifier and bass boost is a superb pair of headphones and buyers will experience a high quality Hi-Fi sound. The model uses four built-in microphones which remove 95% of external noise, thus leading to an excellent noise cancelling quality.

LINDY electronics are a leading name in the world of headphones and are a popular choice for those looking for a superb pair. LINDY headphones come in a selection of different models, alongside their latest design, you will also find other styles such as the lightweight HF-20, the HI-Fi HF 40, the wireless WHF -45 plus many more models available on the LINDY store.

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