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RF Anniversary: WBLS’ Skip Dillard Interview

skip dillard has probably had one of the most interesting careers of most . His career began during his senior year at Hampton University when he worked at WOWI in Norfolk at the time. Since then he has programmed: WYLD-New Orleans, WMXD-Detroit, WBLK-Buffalo and WPGC in DC. After working in Buffalo at WBLK, he took a break from programming and worked as the Top 40/Urban Editor for Billboard Magazine. That may have had a few people scratching their heads but believe it, a programmer who can also work for a trade publication is an impossible find. It was a brilliant move that helps to diversity a programmer’s experience giving him unlimited exposure to other programmers. In addition, the stint probably gave Dillard a much greater perspective of how the entire industry works. Shortly thereafter he headed to San Francisco for a short stint at KBTB. (Urban radio does not do well on the west coast) then it was back to Detroit to handle a cluster of Radio One stations, then WPGC and currently Dillard has the distinction of being the OM and PD of the only urban radio station in the Number 1 market, WBLS in City. He also programs WLIB the AM outlet for the heritage station.

RADIO FACTS: Over the last several weeks, WBLS has been through a lot of changes. The sudden deaths of Brian Carter and and the new station acquisition and staff changes. How is the new lineup working out?

SKIP DILLARD: It’s been a tough time for all of us. As you know radio is different from so many industries due to the amount of time we all spend together. People become more than just co-workers and we’re still dealing with the fact we’ve lost two incredibly wonderful and talented people this year.

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