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Radio’s Success Story, KBLX PD Elroy Smith

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’s is one of the most respected programmers in the industry. To post his achievements would be like writing a book. What I can say is he is the recipient of numerous awards and he has programmed in major markets such as Chicago and Philadelphia. Elroy took time out of his schedule to share with our readers his background and his philosophies on radio. Enjoy

“I never thought for a minute the executives at WGCI would consider me as a potential programmer for such a great radio station.”

Elroy Smith/Operations Manager/Program Director of KRBQ and KBLX, San Francisco

KEVROSS: I’m not sure if I had a chance to congratulate you formally on your relatively new position in San Francisco but congratulations…

ELROY SMITH: Thanks Kevin, I appreciate it. I’ve told you privately and I will say it publicly, congratulations on evolving Radio Facts into one of the industry’s most reliable resource for information in the radio and record industry. Your hard work and dedication has not been ignored by so many of us that admire what you have built.

KR: Thank You. You were a legend in Chicago for many years, did you ever think that you were going to leave? 

ES: Chicago was extremely good to me for (15) years. I must give acknowledgment to programmer, Mr. James Alexander, who called me to say he just resigned and suggested that I apply for the job as Program Director for WGCI, Chicago. I then received a call from legendary morning man, the late Doug Banks, saying he just left the General Manager’s office, Mr. Marv Dyson, endorsing me to become the next Program Director of WGCI. At first, I thought that WGCI was out of my league. It was a station that intimidated me for many years. I never thought for a minute the executives at WGCI would consider me as a potential programmer for such a great radio station.

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Kevin Ross: Radio Facts CEO with over 20 years experience in the Industry. Ross is a former radio Program Director and Radio Jock. You can contact him by clicking the "Contact Us" button in the menu bar.


  1. Elroy is me hero. An unbelievably smart teacher who started me in this business. His care, compassion and desire to be the best are infectious. It is NOT an overstatement to say that my life would be totally different had it not been for Elroy’s guidance, care and talent.

  2. These stories and people are an inspiration to me. I am in Georgia and did radio before I became a cocaine addict. Clean now for years and itching to be behind a mic again. You are a motivation. Thanks.

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