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“Radio’s Road Ahead” Featuring Toshamakia Acevedo

“Radio is not about winging it. You truly have to have a personality. You truly have to know HOW to connect.”

We have noticed something that is greatly lacking in the few surviving and relevant industry trades: Spotlights. would like to lead the way by introducing you to some of the industry’s stars. We will be featuring various fresh-faced talent from this point on. Please meet .

How long have you been in radio?

Wow! Well, radio was kind of an accident. But I’m sure God will say it was on purpose. I’ve been in radio since 2002

What’s your history?

When I was in high school I just knew I was going to be a registered nurse. I knew at some point that I would be delivering babies and taking care of other people to make them feel better about themselves. Somewhere in my life, God decided something different. I begin singing and had an amazing single with my team at the time. We toured, learned and it allowed me to get away from the reality of domestic violence in my life at that time.

What station and city do you work at/in?

Currently, in Greensboro on with the Afternoon Take Over from 3 PM to 7 PM and I’m also in Denver Colorado. I’m on Middays and I love it! I’m on KS107.5 from 10 AM to 3 PM

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