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Rebranding after 24 Years – Serving a Shifting Industry Better

LOS ANGELES, February 13, 2018 — After 24 years as an industry staple (www.Radio Facts ) is rebranding to better serve the industry and the target. The operation which started in 1995 was originally an industry trade magazine. Now, it is a daily news and information site as well as a magazine with two successful issues in Media” and “The Radio Facts.org Power Play List.” Yet, there is a need for much more information, opportunity, and advocacy for today’s successful of color.

The reason for the brand change was explained by Radio Facts.org CEO “The INDUSTRY is changing. In addition, our readers were completely unaware of what we have been up against over the years concerning branding. While the industry was very much aware of what Radio Facts was, potential clients outside of the industry were confused and thinking that we were a site and magazine targeting sales departments at Radio stations. That perception hurt our growth tremendously.”  Ross went on to say, “I’m pretty confident that perception came from a segment another industry site (RAB.com) has where the name “Radio Facts ” is also used to explain radio sales. I’m not sure who had the name first but it was just time for us to move on anyway.” Another reason Ross and the team decided to make the change was the shifting industry.

Today’s NEW successful program director is knowledgeable beyond the confines of the office and he or she is much less conservative than his or her predecessors. He or she is not afraid to promote his or her own success on social media. He or she is also unselfishly eager to help jocks expand their reach and success by helping them to grow BEYOND radio. He or she knows that a jock’s success is the STATION’s success. Hell in today’s climate, he might even (now) BE a she. … and that’s fine!” Ross believes there is a lot of room for improvement but the urban industry is definitely headed in that direction.“Today’s urban jock knows that he or she better be able to use multiple to expand his or her reach ABOVE radio like podcasting, TV, Social Media, Film and more.

Radio is a SPRINGBOARD, not a RECLINER (anymore) and I am thrilled to have our brand continue to lead.” stated Ross. Ross has his own successful podcast Pennies from Kevin (formerly the Radio Facts  Radio Show) that garnered over 1.3 million downloads. Finally, Ross admits that there is still a need to serve people of color in the industry INCLUDING Women and the . “WOMEN of color are deservedly making amazing strides in today’s industry and we are confident there will be many more success stories coming. It’s just in a whole new industry and we can’t wait to roll out our new format, ideas, information, and coverage.”

People of color are still missing in way too many areas of the industry, Ross states, which is why Radio Facts is also a nonprofit organization! Ross believes it’s more important to teach new industry people valuable lessons instead of waiting until it’s too late.

Radio Facts will keep you posted on board members, activities and a membership campaign coming up. We welcome your suggestions and support.

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Radio Facts contact: Kevin Ross / [email protected]

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