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Radio Facts Slang Definitions Defined

 width=Just in case you get confused when you read sometimes at certain words. I want to offer you a quick reference guide:

1. “Fook” means Fook

2. Corps(e) means Dead Industry Corporations

3. “Yesterleb” means Old Celebrities doing radio

4. “Old Kevin” The Kevin who didn’t bit his tongue and spoke about any and everything in the industry

5. “New Kevin” The Kevin that doesn’t want to be passed over by advertisers so he plays it safe (laugh)

6. “What in De Fook?” means “What the hell?”

7. “Delicious Alert” means Edible but perhaps not Digestible (pictures that make you think sexually)

8. “Yikes” means Hideousness

9. “Papa DJ” means Tom Joyner

10. “Promo Ho” means Steve Harvey

11. “Olde” means backwards thinking not as in age (new spelling to avoid confusion)

12. “I was Confrused” means I fail to understand and a play on Young Buck crying on the phone to 50 Cent after he was kicked out of G-Unit.

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