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Radio Facts Presents 10 Questions with TuneCore: What Music Artists Need to Know!


TuneCore logo blueIn a letter sent to all of the artists that use their services, Tunecore said…

“2012 was the year that TuneCore Artists blasted past all records with 1.8 billion downloads and streams. (It’s hard to wrap our heads around a number that big.) Congratulations on this awesome accomplishment. But wait, there’s more. As a group, you’ve earned over $250 million dollars. And all that money was yours to keep, we didn’t take a penny from the back-end. For us at TuneCore, this is what it’s all about: giving all artists–those distributing their first release, full-time and part-time musicians, top-named talent–the same opportunity to sell their music anywhere in the world. We’ve just entered our 7th year in business, and our commitment to you has only grown stronger. Thanks for coming along for the ride, and here’s to an even bigger and better 2013.”

Since it’s inception, TuneCore has revolutionized the game and made it possible for independent artists take control of their own careers. After success in the world of distribution, TuneCore Publishing Administration, launched in November of 2011, provides an integrated service that not only allows TuneCore Artists to collect the revenue from their music downloads and streams, but also opens the door for the composers of these compositions to receive their songwriter/publisher royalties from hundreds of societies, digital stores, and other sources, through one entity which acts as their Worldwide Publishing Administrator.

With all their current success, we decided to pose 10 questions to Jamie Purpora, President of TuneCore Music Publishing Administration. and Chris Mooney, Director of Artist Promotions at TuneCore regarding publishing, licensing, and a few other things every music artist should know. Chris answered questions, 3, 7, and 8 and Jamie handled the rest. Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Explain the various revenue streams artists miss out on due to not understanding their rights as a publisher?

The most obvious revenue they miss are the mechanicals due for downloads outside of the US and streams worldwide. They don’t realize that these are missing revenue streams. Most songwriters affiliate with BMI/ASCAP & SESAC which is very important and very necessary but they are only performing rights organizations and they do not collect these mechanicals. Also when it comes to licensing you need representation in order to be sure you negotiate licenses properly. A lack of knowledge in the area can be the difference between a $500 and a $5,000 license. Because we also do distribution we use the customers sales data to make sure they are receiving accurate accounting for your mechanicals due from downloads and streams.

2. How has TuneCore evened the playing field for today’s independent artists?

Absolutely! You can distribute and have your songwriter/publishing rights administered all in one place and all online. Until now only the elite few could have their songwriter/publishing rights represented by an administrator. To have these both in one place also allows for auditing each against the other to make sure all accountings are accurate. (click NEXT for next part of interview)

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