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Radio Facts Introduces "Industry Radio" Online

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I’m going to provide this info in the 3rd person as if someone else wrote it cause I am also sending it out as a press release too… ? Heeeeeeeere we go…
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New Weekly Show hosted by Industry Vet kevRoss explores the OTHER side of the industry…

ATLANTA, GA. May, 27, 2008 – Former radio programmer/announcer kevRoss provides online podcast to discuss the music and entertainment industry.

“I was booking for a radio show and I realized I could be doing this for myself and I could be interviewing these guests, what am I thinking?” says kevRoss, “That’s when I got the idea for ‘The Industry Podcast’ I work in the industry, I’m an announcer, I know how to interview, I have the contacts, it’s my show and my platform so I can do whatever I want to do… what the hell am I waiting for?”

The show will be a of subjects all concerning the one thing that we can relate to, the industry and subject matter rarely, if ever, covered by traditional black radio. Ross has already taped the first 5 shows and the first guest will be legend and Historian Davey D. You can find more info at /www.rffocusorg.wpengine.com. Ross adds: “I am always looking for relevant content, I don’t care if a is considered ‘washed up’ or ‘A-List’ as as they have something to say, they are working on a current project and they are interesting. We’ll be talking to everyone from innovative radio programmers to record to major and indie to successful industry entrepreneurs.” The show will be posted on radiofacts.com/www.rffocusorg.wpengine.com which boasts 50,000 page views per month and it will also be sent to Urban, Urban AC and stations nationwide and other for posting on their blogs and sites.

For guests consideration submit material to [email protected]