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Radio Facts : The Biggest Stories of 2014

Year in Review: This year we didn’t have a lot of layoffs and not a lot of either. The job situation was pretty much stable. The biggest radio news of the year is all the stations going Classic and we saw a new industry conference this year with Revolt TV. What were the other biggest stories of the year in ? They are below. Hit “Next” above for the next story.

Streetz Axes Rashan Ali and Miss Sophia for Breakfast Club



The morning show syndication wars thicken as The Breakfast Club makes headway into more markets, this time Atlanta at Streetz 94.5. The morning show with Rashan Ali and Miss Sophia has been dropped for the Breakfast Club which starts Monday. This is a great move for Streetz. The Breakfast Club should do very well in Atlanta and the station should see an immediate jump in ratings.

Is Macklemore Grammy Win Retribution for Homophobia in Black Male Hip Hop?


There have been many stories across the web about how unjust Macklemore’s win over Kendrick Lamar was during the Grammy telecast recently but few if any looked at it from a political angle and it is been discussed in industry circles. Was the win a result of black hip hop’s mass homophobia?  Black men especially in hip hop are viewed as vehemently homophobic and which rapper, if any, would have done a song like Same Love and allowed straight and gay couples to marry while they performed it on the Grammys? Can you think of anyone?  Maybe Kanye West but there would have been a huge backlash from the hip hop community. Your thoughts? Comment below.

Shirley Strawberry’s Surprise Marriage Proposal Live On The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Ms. Shirley Strawberry, who has been rocking with Steve Harvey for quite some time as his lovely cohost on the Steve Harvey Morning Show, had the surprise of her life live on air. Her boyfriend, Ernesto proposed to Shirley on her birthday. Steve Harvey helped to set her up and she had no idea. Peep the video below.
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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Gives Date for His Last Fight

Floyd-MayweatherFloyd Mayweather Jr. is arguably one of the greatest boxers of all time. Notice I said boxer and not fighter. He is the boxer’s boxer when it comes to the art of hitting without getting hit. With a perfect record of 45-0, you wonder if this man will every taste defeat and it’s starting to look like he will finish his career unblemished.

At a recent gala dinner in South Africa, Floyd Mayweather is reported to have said “September 2015″ will be the date of his final fight. This past Wednesday, Mayweather stated that Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana are the two contenders for possible opponents in his May 3rd fight in Las Vegas. Many boxing enthusiasts still want to see him fight Manny Pacquiao but that is looking like it will never happen. If the end is coming for Floyd, we wish him the best in his future endeavors.

Big Tigger Learns the True Meaning of “IDFWU” from


Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 5.52.50 PM

Big Sean stopped by in the ATL to chop it up with Big Tigger. The Detroit rapper talks his new music, moving on from his past relationship, getting used to the media, and the possibility of Big Tigger bringing back “Rap City.”
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3UdcbSA2vg]



Rising West Coast rap star Kid Ink continues to take over 2014. With over one million sales, his smash single “Show Me” featuring Chris Brown has officially been certified Platinum by RIAA as it enters its second week at #1 on Urban Mainstream radio.

Kid Ink continues to shine on the stage as well as on the charts and has added 8 new tour dates to his “My Own Lane” North American tour presented by Live Nation’s “Ones to Watch”concert series with Skype. Kicking off April 1st at Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom, joining Ink on tour is Baltimore rapper King Los and Miami MC Bizzy Crook. Additionally, Kid Ink has been tapped to perform for “mtvU Spring Break 2014” in Cancun, Mexico along with Trey Songz, Cash Cash and
Afrojack; which will air the week of March 31, 2014 across mtvU, MTV, MTV2 and MTV Jams.

Released January 7th 2014, My Own Lane entered at #1 on Billboard’s Rap Albums chart, #2 on Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums chart and #3 on both the Top 200 and Top Digital Albums charts, according to Nielsen SoundScan. USA Today calls Ink “…one of rap’s hottest up-and-comers…,” while LA Weekly states “if you haven’t heard of Kid Ink, you’re quickly becoming the minority.” In addition to Chris Brown on the platinum selling single “Show Me,” My Own Lane features notable guest appearances by A$AP Ferg, Pusha T, Wale, August Alsina, King Los, Meek Mill, French Montana and Elle Varner. The album also showcases an onslaught of head-nodding production by DJ Mustard, Danja, The Runners, DZL and more.

Wanda Smith ReHired to Help Ryan Cameron Morning Show at V103


We were told this was probably going to happen weeks ago and it’s a good move in the right direction to give Ryan Cameron’s morning show a much needed boost. We wish Wanda the best.

Black Father Arrested for OVER Paying Child Support and Visiting his Son Too Much? (video)


Houston Man Faces Jail Time For Paying Outstanding Child Support & Over Visiting His Son!

Industry Vet KJ Holiday Dies of Massive Heart Attack




Radio Facts is shocked and saddened to report that WJLB iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) PD KJ Holiday died of a massive heart attack today while playing basketball with his son who was visiting for the holiday. Radio Facts JUST spoke to Holiday about doing the Quick 5 Interview this past week when Holiday stated something to Radio Facts publisher kevRoss that summed up a story we wrote last week about urban radio DJs and Programmers staying under the radar in radio. We will discuss on Tuesday.  Holiday was one of the good guys and this is MOST unfortunate, it’s hard to enjoy the holiday after this. (pic below from KJ’s FB page captioned: “My Boy is so cool”)

Dr Dre Releases Brilliant Timely Commercial for Beats with Richard Sherman (vid)


Mainstream media HATES to see a confident non conforming, hard working black man who they can’t categorize. Sherman, proves what black men are consistently up against yet he thinks outside the box and he’s a winner why does that make him an enemy? Love this commercial.. so on point.

SNL’s Black History Month Rap is Hilariously Truthful


SNL’s Black History Month Rap has the internet buzzing.

KFC’s Racist Commerical Creating Stir


When will the marketing companies EVER learn. This is SO incredibly racist. Thanks KFC for another racist campaign. There are some people who fail to understand why this commercial is offensive. The reason is black people have been linked and depicted to stop everything to eat Fried Chicken like Watermelon. It’s called Culinary Racism, there are certain foods that racist ad campaigns linked black caricatures to (see image below) for more explanation, check google “racist, chicken, black people” images.


Notice to Black Artists Letter Raises More Questions about the State of the Music and


Recently freelance writer Sebastien Elkouby penned an extremely prolific and well timed satirical piece entitled: “Notice to Black Artist, Your Services are No Longer Needed.” The letter, originally posted in RapRehab.com  spoke volumes about the state of the industry and the changing climate that appears to no longer need black artists’ and or black influence.  Elkouby states: is nothing new.  However, in the past few years, I had been noticing this new wave of cultural misappropriation slowly chipping away at Rap and R&B…”  The letter has started a firestorm since its original post in RapRehab.com by industry people on both sides of the fence, mostly agreeing with the satire. Paul Porter, owner of Rap Rehab goes on to state: “I think this decline in has to be addressed by programmers and . Someone has to take the lead before R&B is only on the History Channel.”

The letter started: Dear black artists, We regret to inform you that the need for your services will soon come to an end as we enter a critical restructuring period. Fortunately, after having spent nearly a century meticulously studying your art, language, fashion, and lifestyle, we have learned enough to confidently move forward without your assistance. We thank you for your contributions but have decided to make some necessary changes as a result of your decreasing value…. 

While the letter certainly covered the jist of the industry’s problem there is still even MORE to add to the story . Let us start by saying…In the late 60s and early 70s white record promoters pushed black music to black radio stations until the black stations threatened to boycott and demanded the labels create black music divisions which they did.  Where are we today? See the whole story HERE


Popular Industry Personal Security Man Marc Roberts Dies


A popular, much loved, industry personal security man has died. He was known by many people in the industry like veteran radio DJ Frank Ski. Marc Roberts died after having a seizure in his sleep sources state. Frank Ski stated “Sitting Alone At The Bar @ClydesDC After Hearing That My BMore Dude @MarcRoberts Died. He Protected My Life Too Many Times. #LifeIsTooShort” We  are told he leaves a daughter behind and we wish his family condolences. When we find out more we will keep you posted.  (picture of Frank Ski, Jay Z and Roberts)


Transgender Woman in Car with Teddy Pendergrass Tells her side of the Story


In 1982, Teddy Pendergrass was on top of the world, he had just left Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes amidst dissension with Harold Melvin who many industry people state was jealous of Teddy’s appeal with the ladies and his undeniable talent. Teddy had put the group on the map and now it was time to pursue a solo career. He was almost instantly a huge soul singing sensation who had to duck panties and bras flying on stage from women in the audience who would have given life and limb to be with him.

A man having a relationship with a transgender woman today is still considered taboo and the butt of jokes but a successful hardcore-masculine-ladies-man-superstar-soul-singer in 1982 was beyond comprehension for black women and left them sexually catatonic. They realized they really DIDN’T know Teddy Pendergrass… by now!  And they never, never, never did know him. At the height of his career, Teddy Pendergrass saw all hell break loose in one night.  Seeing a transgendered prostitute named Tenika Watson at a club in 1982, the singer spoke to her and was ready to leave and so was she. They got in the car and the rest is R&B history.

The world of marketing and promotion can often be unfortunate because it turns humans into products with no error stamps (at least back then) and while a man or woman should be able to date and have a relationship with whoever they want, female fans felt that Teddy was theirs and he owed it to them to be who THEY wanted him hqdefaultto be, after all, they were buying his albums, weren’t they? Just when fans were trying to get a grip on the news that he was paralyzed in the accident the additional shock that there was a transgendered woman in the car with him sealed his industry future and fate. Teddy Pendergrass had to have been absolutely devastated by the scandal that not only left him paralysed but also desecrated his career as a R&B singing ladies man. He never addressed the situation and in the years following much speculation and distasteful jokes were made endlessly penalizing Teddy for the situation.

Tenika Watson, the transgender woman and former prostitute tells what really happened the night she got into the car with Teddy Pendergrass more than 30 years ago. In this video clip, it is evident according to Tenika that her and Teddy were having a lengthy affair and they had not just met that night… she states she met him in the 70s before the accident happened in 1982. In addition it appears Teddy’s car may have been rigged by an enemy (enemies) per Tenika’s description of what happened that night while he was in the club. While she doesn’t speak of it in this clip it also appears that Dr J’s ex wife, Turquoise Erving, was not in the car as speculated for years. Since they were leaving a club, that part may or may not be true.

Through it all you have to give credit to Teddy for his courage and determination. He knew his career would never be the same but he continued to record, even reaching number 2 on the R&B charts with Joy, years after the accident. He lived more than 20 years after the accident when doctors predicted he would only live for 7.

This is the second time in recent weeks that the late Teddy Pendergrass has been in the news, recently his son was accused of submitting a false will on Teddy’s behalf. Also, Teddy’s old in Philly has been torn down here. (see video clip below) (Tom Joyner Divorce Not Amicable, ex Wife Wants Cut of Radio One Sale)

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