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Radio Facts 2010 Year in Review: Scandals and Big News, Arrests, Scandals and Embarrassments

Radio Facts Year in Review for 2010. Biggest mistakes and lessons learned the hard way all here. (Click “Next” above or below for next segment)

OH : Tavis Smiley Ends State of the Black Union Series! What will the celebrities do for publicity now?

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Originally Posted: January 1, 2010

Tavis-SmileyThe State of the Black Union (SOBU) symposium has been one of the most anticipated events for millions of African Americans during the last decade, but after 10 years of conversations, founder Tavis Smiley has announced the end of the series.Smiley, the host of Tavis Smiley on PBS, said ending production of SOBU will allow him to concentrate on a new series of primetime television specials for 2010 on PBS as well as grow other divisions of his multimedia company, including the SmileyBooks imprint, his weekly public show, his non-profit youth foundation and the award-winning traveling museum exhibition America I AM: The African American Imprint.For fans and collectors, the State of the Black Union: 10-Year Conversation Box Set Collection, which includes all 10 symposia on 23 separate discs on DVD, is now available. Each boxed set is numbered and personally autographed by Smiley.Smiley moderated the first SOBU in 2000 on the eve of the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles. The series, always free and open to the public, then crisscrossed the country often serving as a pulse check on how African Americans were fairing economically, politically and socially. While tens of thousand s attended the forums in person; millions more viewed the live broadcasts annually on C-SPAN. It returned to Los Angeles on February 28, 2009, marking its 10th anniversary.”This symposium represents one of the great joys of my life. I have thoroughly enjoyed raising awareness and moderating the dialogue between the panelists and our live audiences,” Smiley said. “I am grateful to the viewing audiences who have tuned in over the years.”The DVD collection showcases some of the nation’s most influential and prolific thinkers, entertainers, politicians and social critics weighing in on a range of issues such as wealth-building, the Black church, family, justice, education and health. (Click “Next” above or below for next segment)

OH NO: Mariah Carey Drunk while Accepting Award (vid)

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Originally Posted: January 6, 2010

Not a good look for Mariah. She’s probably tired of the music industry by now. This is when you hide backstage and have someone accept the award FOR you.default-3

Radio station owner says he lives in fear after Child Molestation Allegations

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Originally Posted: January 14, 2010

"ORMOND BEACH — In an act that left some of his own employees stunned, beleaguered AM radio station owner Doug Wilhite poured his heart out on his afternoon show, speaking of the 16-year-old boy he tried to help, but whose accusations have him on the brink of ruin.Monday afternoon, the 56-year-old Wilhite told The Daytona Beach News-Journal that he’s living in fear because his life was threatened.The boy, whose name is not being published because he claimed to be a victim of a sexual assault, accused Wilhite of rape, a charge Wilhite was acquitted of this past November.”I’m afraid of him,” Wilhite said, referring to the teenager who lived on and off at his Ormond Beach residence for several years. “I’m taking self-defense classes.”Sitting in his radio station office on Nova Road on Monday afternoon, Wilhite pulled out a small knife that hangs from a chain around his neck. The weapon is stashed inside a black sheath that looks like a spade. When he dons clothing — Wilhite is a devout nudist — he also keeps a thin can of mace in his pocket.The knife, though, is “The only thing I wear when I’m home,” he said, smiling.But Wilhite has little else to smile about these days.Last week he pleaded not guilty to 15 counts of lewd and lascivious behavior.

Love and Relationship Expert Steve Harvey Makes Fun of Woman’s Inability to Conceive

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Originally Posted: January 20, 2010
steve_harveyThe following letter was read on the Steve Harvey Morning Show:

I am a 39 yr old woman with a wonderful husband . He is a God fearing man, that is an excellent provider, and the best husband that any woman could ask for. He is the most unselfish person that I have ever met. We desperately want to start a family but this past summer I was diagnosed with diabetes and ended up in ICU with a blood sugar of 980. The nursed said that I should have been in a coma. Well because of this the doctor told us that we really should try to wait a while before we try to conceive. I also have PCOS (Polysystic Ovary Snydrome) which is already an issue and now this. I feel like less than a wife because I can not give my husband the one thing that he wants the most. He is very supportive and never pressures me about this but, I really want to start a family with my husband . I feel terrible about this situation.

STEVE’s RESPONSE:“Lady, what the hell, you don’t need no baby. What do you want us to say? You ain’t even ask a question! You don’t need no baby. Adopt an abused circus animal. You already got posturepedic(PCOS), whatever it is, you ain’t even asking us anything. Your husband ain’t putting no pressure on you, why you putting it on yourself?”

“Have jungle sex three nights a week and tell your husband that if yall have a baby, you can’t do that no more. What you trying to have a baby for? Your blood sugar was 980!? That’s almost a 1000! You don’t need a 10000 of anything. Hell, you don’t need 1000 eyelashes! Then you already got that PCOS, I don’t even know what that is, probably some woman’s issue. Why you write us? Why you draggin us down into this”

HER RESPONSE:Dear Mr. Harvey,

Congratulations on being the father of four children. I’m sure that they are the apple of your eye, your pride and joy, and your very reason for doing what you do. I’ve heard you from time to time referencing them with a glimmer of pride in your voice, and I know that you are a great father by the way you speak of them. Now, that being said, I wonder if you have ever likened your precious babies, two of which are only one year younger than I, to abused circus animals?

I ask this question because on today’s show, that is exactly what you prescribed to a woman who was struggling with infertility and who reached out to you. I ask you, as you look into the eyes of your children, do you ever honestly feel that they would be better equated to a week of “hot jungle love”, as you put it. I pose that question because you told this same writer that she should convince her husband that it was better to have sex than to yearn for offspring for fear that they might “ruin it”. Do you see where I’m going with this?

My statements may seem bold or out of line, but in all honesty sir, I am merely regurgitating to you the precise words and stance that YOU took so effortlessly during your show this morning. You see Mr. Harvey, the writer of the letter did not choose to fill her letter with rhetoric and nonsense about how awful her husband is, or how they sleep with other people, or he sleeps with her mother etc., but no, this particular writer instead gave you a full-on depiction of what is REALLY going on in some of our most positive homes in the African American community. She cast her pearls before you, and you turned around and not only did you trample them under your feet but you then turned again and attacked her.

I’m finding it hard to believe that a man who told a writer a few weeks ago that she should be more considerate of her husband ‘s age and “medical libido” when speaking about how disastisfied she was with their sexual life, could in turn be so unsympathetic when speaking of medical conditions that occur more often than libido problems. Granted, you are a comedian, and perhaps are better suited to adress letters of complete tomfoolery because they allow you to shuck and jive around while throwing out bits of information that any woman with common sense already knows, and I guess you just aren’t able to deliver the goods when in regard to a situation that requires care and tact. You had an opportunity today to open your listeners up to a serious issue that is literally RAVAGING the African American community, and instead you were insensitive and cruel.

Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome, as listed in Google Health, is a condition in which small cysts attach themselves to a woman’s ovaries, which impedes a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome, or PCOS, affects 5%-10% of ALL women. Of that count, the only group with a higher of PCOS diagnosis than African American women are Hispanic-American women. The chances of contracting PCOS are also INCREASED when a woman is diabetic. So, to break this all down for you, the letter you read today was from a woman who was ALREADY blocked in wanting to give her husband the gift of a new life, but then hitting another wall because now BOTH diseases are combating her chances, not to mention the fact that at 39 she is considered in many medical fields to be of “advanced maternal age“.

But again, she wasn’t talking to you about stripping, or whether or not its okay to sleep with her husband ‘s best friend and wife, so you didn’t catch on to this particular chance to educate. Is that it? Or is it what I’ve suspected for some time now, that you are NOT in fact an educator at all, but merely a comedian who like all comedians are, is good at making everyday common sense funny? You see Mr. Harvey, it is far harder to truly TEACH our community about the importance of family building and healthy relationships than it is to make humorous the fact that they don’t KNOW right from wrong. I can get a lot more jokes saying, “Just make the plane out of the black box”, than I can by saying, “Learn your body, get immunizations, have regular pap smears, seek counseling for your reproductive mental health“. One topic is just not as funny as others.

There are some times that are not the time to laugh. There are some times, that are more for teaching. You had what we teachers call, a “teachable moment”, and you let it slip away.

I am a 28 year old, African-American daughter, wife, and teacher. I have, in my life, a 28 year old, AMAZING African-American husband , who has been to me, a better husband than I’ve seen in most 50 and 60 year old husband s in my family. He is a God-fearing man, the head of my household, my dearest friend, and the greatest piece of this world that God has ever trusted me with. Because of who he is, and all he does, I want nothing more than to give him someone he can pass his great attributes to, and someone in whom his own eyes he can see reflections. I want it more than anything. But unfortunately, until my own bouts with PCOS related complications and thyroid problems subside, I cannot.

It is the most heart-wrenching sight to see him doing everything he can to be the best husband God would want for me, while friends have children, younger family members have “accidental offspring”, etc. I yearn for someone to talk to about it. But in our community, Mr. Harvey, it is easier to speak about unprotected sex, STD’s, unplanned pregnancies, etc, than it is to find someone willing to openly and unashamedly discuss infertility. You sir, made it just that much harder this morning. You stated that the writer “didn’t ask a question”. She asked one, you just didn’t hear it. She was asking you to say, “It’s alright. Your husband loves you in spite of your afflictions. Your marriage is worth more than having a baby. You are valuable. You are beautiful. You are worthy of a good husband , regardless of your fertility”. But you didn’t tell her that. You told her to build a bridge and get over it.

I was disappointed this morning Mr. Harvey. As someone who is claiming to be a relationship guru, expert, or overall oracle for women to seek out for advice and support, you disgraced yourself this morning. You made yourself out to be an insensitive man of lowly moral character in whom none of us, perhaps not even your own daughters, should confide in for anything of substance.

However, I will say this, you have inspired me more than you know today. Infertility is not a curse that can’t be overcome. With medication, healthy lifestyle choices and other therapies, it can be beaten. The thing that must be beaten first, is the ignorance and lack of knowledge pertaining to it. Because of you, I have a renewed vigor to spread the word about infertility and family health in the African American community. YOU, have given me so much insight into how far we have yet to go in regards to health and awareness. I thank you for reminding me of how important it is to open my mouth about this plague and how it is surging through our diaspora.

It is my hope, that the next time a woman opens her heart before you, and lays out on your radio show ALL that is sacred in her world, you will regard it as such. It is my hope that you and your show take heed to the amount of weight your words and your movement has on the world at large. You have been given the greatest of responsibilities and I hope that I never hear you squand er it that way again.

God Bless you, I believe you when you say He’s not finished with you yet, but keep growing.

Regina M. Harrison-Townsend

OH NO: Radio Promotions Coordinator, Ryan Elizabeth Keeley/15 others CHARGED in Contest Scam

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Originally Posted: Feb 3, 2010

I put this story in yesterday and didn’t think much more of it, looks like the station is pressing charges? I didn’t know this was that serious of a crime. A former KVI-AM promotions coordinator was charged Tuesday with first-degree theft for allegedly rigging a radio contest to pocket some of the winnings, and 14 others allegedly involved in the scam were charged with second-degree theft.From Feb. 6 to March 30, 2007, KVI 570-AM ran a Secret Listener Salute, in which names were announced three times daily. The listeners were told they had 30 minutes from the time of the announcement to call and win $1,000.Prosecutors said Ryan Elizabeth Keeley, 26, was responsible for selecting contest names from two databases — one of KVI online Insider Club Members and another created through telemarketing.Keeley, the station’s promotions coordinator, would then give the winning name to the broadcast booth to be announced, but police say she gave names of associates rather than legitimate winners. Keeley left the station in the summer of 2007.In December 2007 or January 2008, one of the winners, Allen Edward Chapman, was contacted to turn in his W-9 tax form. Contest winners are required to submit a W-9 so their winnings can be reported to the Internal Revenue Service. But when the new promotions coordinator contacted him, Chapman said he never received his prize. He later told KVI staff the contest was rigged and Keeley would keep part of the winnings, according to court documents.Chapman allegedly told police that he and his former girlfriend, Julie Anne Bergstrom, hired a man to work at their cafe who was friends with Keeley. That man, Jaron Johnson, connected the couple to Keeley, according to police.Chapman, Bergstrom and Johnson are among the 14 people charged in King County Superior Court with second-degree theft. First- and second-degree theft is a felony.Police allege Keeley, the former promotions coordinator, worked out details of the scam in March 2007, about four months before she left the station. The contest had 28 winners.The woman “is the only employee of KVI radio with the means and ability to orchestrate this theft,” Seattle Police Detective Philip Wall wrote in a search warrant affidavit.Keeley, who according to court documents has no reportable criminal history in Washington, allegedly told Wall the situation had been “a stupid thing to do” and she “wanted to take responsibility,” according to court documents.On June 3, 2009, Wall took a taped statement from Keeley, who allegedly admitted to helping Chapman, Bergstrom, Johnson and four others win the KVI contest. The others, who also have been charged with second-degree theft are Lindsey Linnae Auckland , Justin Wayne Dever, Jessica Lyn Dickason and Joshua Allen Stringfellow.”Keeley denied any specific prior arrangements to claim portions of the winnings, but admitted ‘some people gave me some money’ after winning,” Wall wrote in court documents. “Keeley said she used a phone to contact the winners or arranged to have those winners contacted through Johnson.Last August, police seized bank records for two savings accounts Keeley opened at Wells Fargo Bank. Police used phone records to link seven other contest winners to her: Jenna N. Derosa, Matthew Peter Gundersen, Jason Matthew Juhl, Kyle Edward J. Lasicka, Austin M. Lemming and Lucas Dean Woody.Those seven are among those charged with second-degree theft. None are in custody for the theft case, and an arraignment is scheduled for Feb. 16.The scam was reported in 2008 by the human resources manager for Fisher Broadcasting Inc., KVI’s parent company. Keeley’s former supervisors told police they were unaware of the situation when it was happening. The company contacted police on advisement of the Federal Communications Commission, which Fisher had contacted after learning of the alleged scam.Keeley later found work at an espresso stand , according to a 2008 Seattle police report.A Fisher spokesperson declined to comment on the case Tuesday. KVI-AM/570, a talk radio station, was bought by Fisher Broadcasting Inc. in May 1994. [source]

OH NO: Sues Jill Scott

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Originally Posted: Feb 4, 2010

 width=R&B star Jill Scott was sued Wednesday by her longtime record label, which is accusing the multi-platinum songstress of skipping out halfway through a six-album contract and potentially owing millions of dollars in damages.The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by L.A.-based Hidden Beach Records, claims that the label and its founder, Steve McKeever, helped launch Scott’s career and nurtured her into a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter but was unceremoniously dumped in October after a 10-plus year relationship.”Hidden Beach is shocked by her decision not only because Scott has apparently chosen to leave the Hidden Beach family,” the complaint reads, “but also because Scott is contractually required to deliver three more albums to Hidden Beach.”The complaint alleges causes of action for breach of contract and damages owed under a section of California’s Labor Code sometimes known as the “De Havilland Law.” Named after actress Olivia De Havilland ‘s successful fight in the ’40s against long-term studio deals, it provides that talent cannot be bound by personal services contracts for longer than seven years.Hidden Beach isn’t disputing that Scott’s deal violated the seven-year rule but the law carves out a requirement that certain recording artists who wish to terminate their lengthy deals must reimburse their labels in the amount the labels would have received under the terms of the contracts.Since breaking onto the scene with the double-platinum selling “Who Is Jill Scott?” album in 2000, Scott’s studio albums (and live albums) have generated millions in revenue. So while Hidden Beach’s alleged damages are unspecified in the complaint, under California law they could total several million dollars.The lawsuit is unusually detailed in its description of the small label’s close relationship with Scott. She clearly was the center of attention for McKeever. The complaint alleges he paid her million-dollar advances when he wasn’t required to, allowed her to keep merchand ising revenue, paid $450,000 to fund a concert DVD that Scott later asked not be released, bought her lavish gifts and indulged her desire to slow her recording schedule to pursue an acting career (Scott has appeared in the films “Houndog,” “Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?” and HBO’s “No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency”). [source]

OH NO: Rickey Smiley May be facing Lawsuit for Calling a man ? Radio One Cleared

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Originally Posted: Feb 22, 2010

DALLAS (CN) – Comedian and radio host Rickey Smiley may have defamed an airport security guard by calling him gay on “The Rickey Smiley Show,” a federal judge ruled. U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor refused to dismiss the guard’s defamation claims against the Dallas radio personality.The security guard, Henry Robinson, had apparently irked Smiley by trying to take his picture with Smiley twice. Robinson claimed that on his second request for a picture, Smiley began calling him “the gay security guard” and “faggot.”Not long after, on Dallas station 97.9 “The Beat,” Smiley used his show to make fun of “the gay security guard” at Dallas Love Field Airport. According to the ruling, the broadcast included “a poem about ‘Henry, Henry’ who ‘sure act[s] gay,’ off-color humor about ‘Henry’s’ duties in conducting personal searches, an admonition to ‘Henry’ to stop taking pictures, and a laughing ‘Sorry, Henry!'”Robinson complained that people started calling him gay after the show aired. Rickey Smiley and , owner of 97.9 “The Beat,” moved to dismiss the defamation claim, saying the show was not defamatory because it was satire and could not be taken as fact.Judge O’Connor disagreed with the satire argument, ruling that a reasonable person could take Smiley’s comments at face value and assume Robinson was gay. And because Robinson “denies that he is homosexual,” Smiley’s statements were a false statement of fact, O’Connor ruled. He added that the broadcast could be considered defamatory because, in Texas, calling someone homosexual “imputes the crime of sodomy.” Though the Supreme Court decriminalized sodomy in 2003, in Lawrence v. Texas, O’Connor found “that the imputation of homosexuality might as a matter of fact expose a person to public hatred, contempt or ridicule.”O’Connor ruled that Radio One was not liable for the statements Smiley made at the airport, but the judge allowed Robinson to pursue his defamation claims over the on-air remarks [source]

Marvell Former WABC Sportscaster Marvell Scott Charged with “Raping” Teenage Prostitute

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Originally Posted: Feb 24, 2010

Hard to call this one but why would you let strangers into your apartment to use the bathroom?A Manhattan grand jury has indicted former WABC sportscaster Marvell Scott for allegedly raping a 14-year-old prostitute in his apartment back in 2008, said County District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. Scott, 36, faces charges of rape, patronizing a prostitute, and child endangerment.The D.A.’s office said that Scott met with a man on the West Side on June 5, 2008, and paid him to bring two teenage girls, ages 14 and 16, up to his apartment on West 47th Street. Then Scott had sex with the 14-year-old girl in his bedroom, according to the D.A., citing the court documents. The older girl was also in the room. Scott turned himself into the D.A.’s office Tuesday morning. He appeared before a judge and pleaded not guilty.His lawyer said that the charges are not true, and that Scott is cooperating with prosecutors and investigators. “This case boils down to an attempt to shake down Dr. Scott by a pimp and his two prostitutes,” attorney Richard Portale told reporters outside the court. “It was a ruse. They saw him as a mark.” Portale said that the teens asked to use his bathroom, and that is why he allowed them to come upstairs.The NYPD said that the 14-year-old is a runaway who was trying to make some quick cash. Scott, a medical doctor who specializes in sports medicine, abruptly left WABC in April 2009 saying he was on vacation, according to the Daily News. He never returned and later said he was going to focus on his medical practice.The indictment charged Scott with rape in the second degree, a class-D felony; patronizing a prostitute in the third degree, a class-A misdemeanor, and endangering the welfare of a child, a class-A misdemeanor, the D.A.’s office said. A class-D felony is punishable by 2-1/3 to 7 years in prison and a class-A misdemeanor is punishable by up to 1 year in jail.

OH NO: musicFIRST relegates Commerical Radio Stations as Pigs? Performance Tax Fight gets UGLY!

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Originally Posted: Feb 24, 2010

The fight rages on and it’s getting ugly. width=The organization musicFIRST, which carries forward the record label’s campaign in support of the Performance Rights Act, is now using a pig to describe the radio industry. It has kicked off a new website called www.piggyradio.com, which is little more than a picture of a pig with a radio dial and a call to sign a petition.

OH NO: Al Sharpton Goes LEFT on Tavis Smiley DIRECT for his statements on Tom Joyner’s Show (audio)

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Originally Posted: Feb 25, 2010

 width= Tavis has painted the wall red then tries to convince everyone the color is actually blue. He started a fight then he claims innocence. Finally he steals a line from Oprah’s retirement speech when he says “…a lot of what folk are saying is conjecture.”I think I get it now. Tavis is threatened by Obama’s success and he fears becoming irrelevant and obsolete because of it. The entire “black agenda” came to a screeching halt when Obama won because white people now have the ultimate excuse “You have a black president, what the hell else do you want?”While we may still have many issues concerning racism, Obama’s win has forced black leaders to rethink their position and now THEY have to be held “accountable.” Al Sharpton is wise and instead of attacking the president, he has embraced him… unlike Tavis. Tavis is making the situation worse because he it is becoming more and more apparent that he is fighting a losing battle and while he claims there is conversation going on “out there” about the president needing to support a “black agenda” THAT’S “conjecture” and pure bullsh…, people are trying to recover from the most disastrous presidency in the history of the United States (Bush Jr) and put food on the table, find work and pay rent. Sharpton obliterates Tavis and puts him back in his lane during this segment (below). It becomes evident that Tavis is REALLY pissed at Sharpton for not appearing at his new event in Chicago. This was a publicity stunt and mere sour grapes again on Tavis Smiley’s part.

 width=R&B singer D’Angelo arrested for soliciting undercover cop for oral sex

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Originally Posted: March 7, 2010

He may have fallen on hard times, but this is ridiculous!Grammy Award-winning R&B singer D’Angelo was arrested early yesterday after allegedly offering an undercover policewoman $40 for oral sex while cruising alone through the West Village — with $12,000 stashed in his SUV.D’Angelo, 36, whose real name is Michael Archer, was in his top-of-the-line Range Rover at Greenwich and Horatio streets at about 2:30 a.m. when he spotted a woman he took to be a prostitute, sources said.He was arrested and charged with solicitation after asking the woman for sex, the sources said. His manager declined to comment.Ivia [source]

OH NO: Columbus Short Falls off Stage (Dark Glasses Fail)

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Originally Posted: March 8, 2010


’s John and Ken take show to H.B. hotel where Sex Offenders Reside, Should Someone Protest for Racism?

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Originally Posted: March 15, 2010

IDEA: Perhaps someone should broadcast in front of the KFI Studios (Cox Broadcasting) where the blacks were paid LESS than whites when I worked there, for doing the same work."HUNTINGTON BEACH ““ Dozens gathered outside a Huntington Beach hotel Friday afternoon for a show hosted by KFI radio hosts John and Ken about five registered sex offenders living there.A group of people huddled around talk show hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chaimpou while others held signs up to motorists on Bolsa Chica Street. The signs ““ which all ended with an exclamation point ““ said “Protect our children,” “Get out child molester” and “Honk if you hate rapists!”KFI&’s 640 AM’s John Kobylt, left, and Ken Chaimpou broadcast live Friday from in front of a Extended StayAmerica Efficiency Studios on Skylab Street in Huntington Beach where five registered sex offenders are living.”This is not acceptable,” said Sole Alcaino who lives near the Extended Stay of America hotel and has a 6-year-old daughter. “I thought it was a nice hotel … I’ve even brought guests and we have them stay here and I won’t do it any more if this is what they allow.”The John and Ken show began at 2 p.m. and centered on a story the Orange County Register broke Wednesday about fliers the Huntington Beach police distributed to residents alerting them that five sex offenders were living at the hotel, at 5050 Skylab Road. The fliers had the photos and ages of the offenders: Joseph Gazafy, Steven Paff, Chad Stephens, John Rubi, and James Creller.The fliers, delivered last Friday, warned that people using the information to commit a crime or harass the sex offenders or their family are subject to criminal and civil liability. [read more here]

Former NBA Player admits to having Sex with 90 Women A Month

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Originally Posted: March 17, 2010


Suspect Named in College Park Recording Studio Incident

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Originally Posted: March 22, 2010

 width=College Park police are hunting for two people in connection with a deadly music studio shooting. Police have a warrant for the arrest of Pachino Allen Williams (pictured), 30. He will be charged with murder, a College Park police spokesman said. “We believe to be the shooter,” Lt. Reed Pollard told WSB Radio. “We believe the shooting was possibly an armed robbery gone bad over drugs.” Police are also looking for a person of interest , only described as a man named “Miguel.” Almost 30 gun shots were fired Friday night outside the studio where 31-year-old James Perdue was killed. Several pounds of drugs including, marijuana, cocaine, and Ecstasy were [read more here]

Cathy Hughes Says Labels Should Pay Artists Also Talks about Radio One’s Finances

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Originally Posted: March 24, 2010

 width=Straight From Hughes’ Mouth: Radio One Founder Kills Financial Rumors Once & For All (TAP)Even if you haven’t caught up on TV One shows, or spent hours cruising HelloBeautiful.com, chances are you’ve experienced Tom Joyner’s flagship radio show, or flipped through the pages of GIANT magazine””all because of one powerful businesswoman, Cathy Hughes. Hughes’ Radio One conglomerate comprises print, online, television and radio properties that would impress any aspiring entrepreneur. After all, the self-made mogul came from meager ends.At 32, she bought a puny AM radio station, WOL, using a loan she received after begging 32 banks (the 33rd lender finally gave in). She then grew her little radio station into Radio One, a communications powerhouse that now controls 53 radio stations (including controlling stake in the Tom Joyner Morning Show) reaching between 18 and 20 million listeners per week. Today, Radio One is one of only three publicly-traded companies in the United States that is owned by an African-American.Yet, as powerful as Hughes and Radio One appear, they, like any marriage, have faced their share of criticism and struggle. For example, TheRoot.com writer, Natalie Hopkinson, harshly denounced Cathy Hughes as leading a “one-woman boycott” against the “˜Performance Rights Act,’ not because Hughes cared “˜oh-so-much’ about her black listeners, according to Hopkinson, but because the bill would require all radio stations, including Hughes’, to pay royalties to musicians””and Hughes didn’t like that idea. In other words, Hughes had selfish motives, according to Hopkinson. To add insult to injury, when Hughes considered a reverse stock split move in the interest of her company a few months ago, analysts tore into her decision, and The Washington Post described the company’s financial finagling as “puzzling.”With all the banter centered around the Maryland -headquartered Radio One, The Atlanta Post decided to speak to Hughes herself to tell her side of the story. In her own words, she offered the following. [read more here]

PD Feels Forced to run Hate Campaign on air

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Originally Posted: March 28, 2010

 width=The program director of KMBZ radio in Kansas City says the station has no choice but to air commercials with racially biased and anti-Semitic claims from a write-in cand idate for the U.S. Senate from Missouri.The ads “” which began on the station last week “” are from Glenn Miller, a Springfield man who once ran the White Patriot Party. He’s been described by the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Ala., as a white supremacist and former paramilitary organizer. One of Miller’s ads, aired during the Darla Jaye talk show program in the evening, urges whites to “take their country back” and disparages Jews and nonwhites.The Missouri secretary of state’s office said Miller has filed required papers to qualify as a write-in cand idate in the 2010 Senate race. Under Federal Communications Commission rules and federal law, a “legally qualified cand idate” must be given reasonable, uncensored access to broadcast airtime if he or she can pay the cost.”The company is required by federal law to run these spots and to do so without any edits,” said KMBZ program director Neil Larrimore. “Our hand s are tied.”Larrimore said Miller has purchased airtime on at least one other local station.Miller did not return phone calls seeking comment.The law center and the Jewish Community Relations Bureau in Kansas City declined to comment on the ads because, as nonprofit organizations, they are prohibited from opposing or endorsing cand idates.But Leonard Zeskind has written about Miller and others in his book “Blood and Politics: The History of the White Nationalist Movement From the Margins to the Mainstream.””I think people have to stand up and say it’s wrong,” Zeskind said.While Miller has filed required paperwork with the Missouri secretary of state, he has not filed with the Federal Election Commission and won’t have to unless he raises or spends $5,000 or more.At that point, an FEC spokesman said, Miller must file a statement of cand idacy and regular campaign finance disclosures. If he doesn’t, the spokesman said, he could face sanctions and penalties, although the FEC can’t force his ads off the air.The ads indicate that they are paid for by the “Committee to Elect Write-In Cand idate Glenn Miller to the U.S. Senate.” There is no record of such a committee with the FEC, a spokeswoman said, and a search of the Missouri Ethics Commission’s Web site shows no such committee.The station is running a disclaimer before the Miller ads, which is allowed under FCC rules, although the disclaimer cannot criticize or support the commercials.And the station is not allowed to censor the message, legal experts said.”We’ve dealt with situations where white supremacists have qualified for a place on the ballot in a congressional race and wanted to run racist ads “” and stations have had to allow it,” wrote David Oxenford on the Web site of a law firm specializing in broadcasting. “While this may seem like a bad outcome, it does make sure that stations cannot block unpopular viewpoints from being aired so that all points of view can be expressed by political cand idates.”Thus, while individual cases may result in ugly situations, the overall purpose of encouraging diverse political speech is achieved by the rules,” Oxenford wrote.Read more: http://www.kansascity.com/2010/03/28/1842791/campaign-ad-places-hateful-message.html#ixzz0jXNKl3HVvia Campaign ad places hateful message onhttps://www.radiofacts.com/wp-admin/media-new.php the air – KansasCity.com.

OH NO: Secret Service Pays a Visit to Station for Alleged Money Bleaching

Originally Posted: April 12, 2010

Secret Service agents visited the radio station KUFO on Thursday morning to investigate a report of money bleaching.The agents were sent to the station at about 9 a.m. after hearing that “The Kidd Chris Show” had been broadcasting a “how to” class on bleaching and counterfeiting money, said a Secret Service representative.During the show, Kidd Chris or his co-workers were bleaching genuine currency, the Secret Service official said.Bleaching currency is a federal offense. The agents told Kidd Chris to stop bleaching the money immediately and he obliged.Secret Service officials said they do not expect criminal charges to be filed against the station or Kidd Chris.Many listeners comments on KUFO’s Facebook page asking why Kidd Chris was not on the air Friday morning. KUFO’s responded to fans with the following comment: “When the Secret Service is involved there is only so much we have control over. Listen Monday morning at 5am for more details.”The Kidd Chris page of KUFO.com is currently blank and reads “Content embargoed for on-going investigation.”FOX 12 is currently trying to reach KUFO’s owner, Alpha Broadcasting, for a comment on the incident.

OH NO: Steve Harvey Hit by IRS with 2 MILLION IN BACK TAXES! (Steve’s Options)

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After re-reading this post, I was pretty damn mean wasn’t I (lol) it was all in jest, Kevin 12,2010

 width=Steve Harvey… meet Uncle Sam. He wants you to give up 2.1 million in back taxes. Steve’s organization “Wonder Love Inc” was hit on March 8 in Detroit’s Cook County according to the Recorder of Deeds. Steve is listed as president of the company. Steve’s entertainment lawyer Ricky Anderson states he was unaware of the lien.Our Suggestions: Steve’s Options

  1. Ask Premiere Radio to kill another 20 local urban radio shows so that he can take that money to pay the bill.
  2. Ask Rickey Smiley if he can hold off on taking over his 18 – 34 roster of stations so that he can pay the bill.
  3. Fire his manicurist and professional team of ass kissers and ego inflationists.
  4. Ask K Mart if they can help him put the payments on Lay-a-Way.
  5. Ask “former” homosexual Donnie McClurkin to go up to the IRS offices and sing Twee Fall Down, But CAN’T Twee Get up?
  6. Finally let Shirley Strawberry and the rest of his crew do outside work but with Steve collecting 95% of their profits for 5 years.
  7. Ask Tom Joyner to join him on the Grand daddy radio tour with special guests, The Ink Spots and Ma Rainey
  8. Ask Cathy Hughes if he can “Kiss HER entire ass” for all his stations back and to kick Tom Joyner to the curb.
  9. Say the hell with it and broadcast from jail.

Just suggestions…

KISS 108 radio show advocates “ex-gay” program

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 width=Boston’s popular KISS 108 radio station (WXKS-FM), like many stations all over the country, airs syndicated program Dawson McAllister Live every Sunday night. McAllister’s call-in show is designed to help teenagers and young adults (25 and under) tackle some of their deepest issues, from drug abuse to pregnancy.It was revealed this week, however, that callers searching for advice on same-sex attraction are directed by McAllister’s off-air HopeLine to Exodus International, one of the largest “ex-gay” programs in the country. Through prayer and intense Christian-based therapy, the organization believes it is possible to change one’s sexual orientation from gay to straight. [read more]

KFI Posts Leaked Search Warrant Info for Alleged Child Molester on Station Site

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 width=A stash of shovels and pickaxes, a T-shirt and jeans were among the items seized from the Lake Elsinore home of John Albert Gardner III more than a week after he was arrested in the slaying of Poway teenager Chelsea King, according to search-warrant records. The documents were obtained by Los Angeles radio station KFI-AM 640 and on the station’s Web site Thursday. The warrant is one of at least four that have been filed in the case. All are under court-ordered seal.”I saw that it was on KFI, and other than that I can’t comment on it,” Deputy Public Defender Mel Epley, one of Gardner’s attorneys, said Thursday. The District Attorney’s Office also declined to comment, citing a gag order in the case. Steve Gregory, the reporter who obtained the documents, said in an interview that the warrant was not illegally obtained but was leaked to him. He said he had not been contacted by authorities about the leak as of 3 p.m. Thursday.Gardner was arrested Feb. 28 at a restaurant near Lake Hodges. He has been linked to the crime through DNA evidence found on a piece of Chelsea’s clothing. He has pleaded not guilty to rape and murder charges.Gardner is also a focus of an investigation into the 2009 death of 14-year-old Amber Dubois of Escondido, whose remains were found north of Pala on March 6.In the search warrant filed March 9 in El Cajon Superior Court, sheriff’s investigators listed several items they were hoping to find, including specific pieces of clothing; rope, tape or hand cuffs; human hairs, tissues or fluids; clothing or other objects with blood on them; and personal documents.One of the pieces of clothing investigators hoped to find was a blue sweater with a horizontal stripe across the chest, according to the warrant.In addition to Chelsea’s death, Gardner has been charged in a Dec. 27 attack on a jogger near Lake Hodges. Police at the time said the attacker was wearing a blue-and -white sweater and jeans. The victim, Cand ice Moncayo, declined to speak about the case Thursday.In the March 9 search of Gardner’s home, authorities seized a shovel and pickax from near the front door, as well as 10 shovels and two pickaxes from a backyard shed, according to the documents.Lake Elsinore neighbor Mary Cook said in an earlier interview that she saw sheriff’s investigators at the home the night of Gardner’s arrest, and that they appeared to be interested in the shed.Also seized were five pairs of jeans, a white “Hard Iraq Cafe “” Baghdad” T-shirt and a pair of size-12 Reebok sneakers from his bedroom. The blue sweater was not listed as seized.The full address of the home was redacted in the search warrant, but the house number on the document coincides with that of Gardner’s home on Gillette Street in Lake Elsinore. The affidavit, which typically argues why investigators have probable cause to search a property, was not included with the warrant.The warrant number on the radio station’s documents matches the number listed at Superior Court for the Lake Elsinore address.The talk-radio station also letters purportedly written by Gardner “” a hand written one to a girlfriend that is not signed and a typed note to his mother that appears to have been sent from prison. Gregory, the reporter, declined to divulge the source of the letters.Gardner, 31, was registered with police as living at the Lake Elsinore home, but he often stayed with his mother and stepfather in Rancho Bernardo, about a mile from Rancho Bernardo Community Park, where Chelsea went missing after a jog Feb. 25. Her body was found in a shallow grave on the shore of Lake Hodges five days later.Authorities also searched Gardner’s mother’s home in Rancho Bernardo, a storage unit in Escondido and a car belonging to Gardner’s girlfriend, according to a search warrant log.Defense lawyer Christopher Plourd, who is not working on the case, said that if the documents were leaked, a judge or the attorneys could launch an investigation to find out the source. Ultimately, the violator could be jailed or fined.A status hearing in the case was scheduled for today. It is unclear what will be discussed.

Brother pleads guilty in beating death of former DJ

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A second man has been sentenced to prison in the beating death of former Jackson radio icon John Friskillo.

Zach Mott. 22, pleaded guilty to accessory after the fact and house burglary. Hinds County Circuit Judge Swan Yerger sentenced him to 23 years in prison. Last month, Zach’s brother, Josh Mott, 24, pleaded guilty to manslaughter and house burglary and was sentenced to 45 years in prison.

Friskillo, 81, was beaten Nov. 29, 2007, in a home invasion robbery and died three months later of his injuries.

Mo’Nique’s Estranged Family, including brother Gerald, Talk about her Sexual Molestation on Oprah (vid)

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It is amazingly typical for black families to be in severe denial about these types of things. Perhaps it’s in all cultures but this is something that black folks don’t even like to talk about. Her parents appear to still be in denial even though Mo”Nique is not speaking to them and they act like time has healed it. By the same token her parents AT LEAST acknowledged the events took place along with her brother Gerald who confesses he too was molested. An even MORE taboo subject in the black community (males being molested). I have to wonder if Oprah is right, are they all coming forward because Mo’Nique is now a monumental Oscar winning star? Is this a case of success being the best revenge or are they really sorry?

Hear Chris Brown Cuss out Q94’s dj Kash

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Let’s face it Kash put Chris in a fooked up position. I would have cussed his ass out too.click here -chrisbrown-interview-Q94Chris Brown: “I Love You” that’s rocking right now.Q94’s Kash: Oh with Ester Dean?Chris Brown: Yeah with Ester Dean. S**t rocks.Q94’s Kashh: Word? I was actually thinking about making that my pick of the day.Chris Brown: Yeah but what I’m saying is y’all don’t play my s**t.Q94’s Kash: Yeah we do, but that’s just not even impacting on the charts. Is it even anywhere on the charts?Chris Brown: Yeah.Q94’s Kash: What number is it at?Chris Brown: What number is it at? It don’t matter though so”¦why am I even doing this interview? F**k it I ain’t doing this s**t.[Chris walks out.]

OH NO: Montgomery radio dj the target of murder-for-hire plot

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 width=MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – Montgomery radio personality John Garrett is still a little shocked but more relieved that he’s still around, literally. “I am very grateful for my good fortune,” said Garrett. Montgomery County sheriff’s investigators say 32-year old Michael Talley allegedly tried to have Garrett killed, a murder-for-hire plot Talley was arrested Saturday at his parents’ home in Lowndes County. He did not resist arrest.The motive? Authorities believe it comes down to jealousy. John Garrett married Talley’s ex-girlfriend Heidi a few weeks back. Heidi declined to be interviewed for this story. “He and I didn’t hit it off in the beginning, and I know that I’ve tried to extend the Olive branch,” said Garrett. Investigators won’t say for sure, but sources tell WSFA 12 News Talley reportedly offered the alleged hit man around $2,400 to do the job. The sheriff says the middleman never had any intentions of carrying out the plan. Instead, he went directly to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.”He was never serious, and I don’t think he had it in him to do it,” said Sheriff D.T. Marshall. John Garrett says he’s been in the radio business for more than 20 years and has encountered a lot of interesting things along the way, but nothing quite like this. “I never dreamed of this. Who does?,” Garrett said.Court records show Michael Talley does not have an attorney which means, for now, WSFA 12 News was unable to get his side of the story. “From what I understand , if everything had gone this individual’s way, you would be doing a different story tonight,” said Garrett. John Garrett says he actually feels sorry for Talley, knowing what he could potentially face, a life term in prison if he’s convicted of solicitation for murder. Garrett is back on the air in the morning at WBAM in Montgomery; back to breathing a little easier.

Houston Rapper Trae Tha Truth files lawsuit against Radio One

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 width=(Houston, TX)—Houston rapper “Trae Tha Truth” (nee Frasier Thompson) will be holding a press conference at 11:00 AM on Wednesday, May 5, 2010 at the Harris County Civil Courthouse, 201 Caroline, Houston, Texas, to announce the filing of a lawsuit in the 189th District Court of Harris County Texas against Inc., which owns and operates Houston radio Station 97.9 KBXX, The Box.The civil case alleges a consistent pattern of business disparagement, conspiracy and tortious interference. Defendants include Radio One, the radio station’s general manager Doug Abernathy, program manager Terri Thomas and morning show radio personality Nnete Inyangumia. Trae decided to file the lawsuit after the radio station officially banned his music from receiving airplay, and then began to interfere in his relationships with other music industry professionals. Radio One is the seventh largest radio broadcasting company in the country, and is the largest one targeting African American audiences in the U.S. The Box is the only hip hop radio station in Houston.The suit, which was filed by Houston attorney Warren Fitzgerald Jr., alleges that Trae was the subject of a radio ban after Nnete falsely accused Trae during an on-air interview of causing the violence which occurred at public festival which he sponsored. Ironically, Trae has arguably been the most active Houston rap artist when it comes to serving the local community. In 2008, Trae was honored by Houston Mayor Bill White and Council Member Peter Brown with his own “Trae Day” in honor of his outstand ing community service.After Nnete had made the disparaging remark about Trae on the radio, he later released a “mix tape” that had a humorous lyric about Nnette’s weight.Trae notes, “I would not have filed a lawsuit, but when other people started being hurt by this ban, I knew I had to stand up.” The suit also alleges that a staff member was suspended for a week and a half without pay for making a mixtape outside of work that had Trae’s music in it. The employee, in fear of losing his job, and the ability to feed his family, had to end his relationship with Trae. Another alleged incident occurred when rapper 6tre Gangsta, an artist signed to Battery/Sony Records, asked Trae to be on his new single. However when KBXX found out about the song, they notified 6tre that the song would be banned. This resulted in the record community scrapping both the song and the music video that had been slated for B.E.T.Even Haitian earthquake victims lost out, due to the station refusing to advertise Trae’s appearance at a benefit fundraiser. Other alleged incidents are listed in the lawsuit, the most recent being the firing of the “Kracker Nuttz,” an on air dj tand em, for their accidentally playing a song on the air by “Chamillionaire”, which they did not realize had Trae on one of its verses. Ironically, the “Kracker Nuttz”, who were 12-year veterans of the station, had the Number One rated radio show there.Records CEO James Prince states, “I had been excited about being involved with the next Trae album, but with this ban taking place, not only in his home town, but likely also in the second best place for airplay, which is Dallas, it would be impossible to promote the album. This ban is sabotaging his career, because those cities are the foundation for breaking his records.” Prince adds, “Having run a record label for over twenty years, I’ve never seen anything like this.”Says Trae, “I just could not let any more people suffer and be punished by the radio station over this ridiculous vendetta.”Trae’s attorney Warren Fitzgerald Jr. comments, “We believe that the defendants have gone beyond the parameters of legally sanctioned activity in first banning Trae’s music, then going so far as to intentionally interfere with his business relationships and thus destroy his career. I find this behavior repulsive, especially for a radio station that daily champions itself as music artists’ “best friend.”Trae is suing for general damages to his reputation, character, stand ing in the community, mental suffering, loss of professional opportunities, performance revenue, record royalties and other damages.Judge Rand y Williams issued a restraining order prohibiting the radio station from destroying any evidence, including memorand a or emails surrounding the ban on Trae’s music.

CAN’T STOP LAUGHING: Baptist Minister/Anti Gay Activist Busted on Vacation with Male Escort

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 width=George Alan Rekers, a prominent anti-gay activist and cofounder of the conservative Family Research Council, recently returned from a 10-day trip to Europe with a male escort who advertises on a Web site called Rentboy.com, according to a May Miami New Times article that was lighting up the liberal blogosphere and gay media outlets Wednesday.Rekers told the New Times he hired the escort to help carry luggage, not for sexual purposes, and that he only learned his companion was a prostitute midway through the trip. On Wednesday, he published a statement on his Web site decrying the New Times story as “sland erous.”A recent article in an alternative newspaper cleverly gave false impressions of inappropriate behavior because of its misleading innuendo, incorrectly implying that Professor George Rekers used the Rentboy website to hire a prostitute to accompany him on a recent trip,” the statement said. “Contrary to Internet stories based on this sland erous article, following medical advice Professor George Rekers requires an assistant to lift his luggage in his travels because of an ongoing condition following surgery. … Professor Rekers was not involved in any illegal or sexual behavior with his travel assistant.”A professor of psychology at the University of South Carolina and a Baptist minister, Rekers is a leading proponent of therapy to “cure” homosexuality and has testified against gay adoption. He is a board member of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, which calls itself “a professional, scientific organization that offers hope to those who struggle with unwanted homosexuality.”The escort, who was identified in the article by the pseudonym ‘Lucien,’ told the newspaper that his services to the Minister were enlisted through Rentboy.com. Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, said the group had no specific knowledge of Rekers recent doings.

Pam Grier’s Explosive New Book Richard Pryor did WHAT?

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Pam Grier has a new memoir, Foxy: My Life In Three Acts and she’s sharing some intimate details about her relationship with Richard Pryor and a trip to the doctor. As Grier tells it: He said, “Pam, I want to tell you about an epidemic that’s prevalent in Beverly Hills right now. It’s a buildup of cocaine residue around the cervix and in the vagina. You have it. Are you doing drugs?””No,” I said, astonished. “Well, it’s really dangerous,” he went on. “Is your partner putting cocaine on his penis to sustain his erection?””No,” I said, “not that I know of. It’s not like he has a pile of cocaine next to the bed and he dips his penis in it before we have sex.” I had a nauseating flash of one of Richard’s famous lines: Even my dick has a cocaine jones. “Are you sure he isn’t doing it in the bathroom before he comes to bed?” the doctor asked.”That’s a possibility,” I said. “You know, I am dating Richard Pryor.” “Oh, my God,” he said. “We have a serious problem here. If he’s not putting it on his skin directly, then it’s worse because the coke is in his seminal fluid.”The doctor then asks her if her mouth went numb while performing oral sex on Pryor, which she says it did, and which he links to the Novocaine-like effects of cocaine. [source]

DJ, Richard Kieffer, Convicted of Sex Crime

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 width=A former radio dj pleads guilty to sex crime charges in Virginia.Richard Kieffer, who worked at WVBO-FM as “Rich Allen”, is convicted of proposing sex on a computer with a child under the age of 15 but older than 7. Kieffer continues to be held in Fairfax County without bond and faces up to 10 years in prison when he’s sentenced in early September.

Lil Boosie Indicted for Murder: Wikepedia Exploration

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Originally Posted: June 17, 2010

 width=Here is the Wikipedia description of Lil Boosie who was indicted for murder yesterday AND who faces the death penalty.Torrence Hatch – 27 (born November 14, 1982) known by his stage name Lil Boosie, is an American rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is currently serving a four-year prison sentence for drug and gun possession in Dixion Correctional Institute.Hatch grew up in a poor neighborhood of Baton Rouge, and his father was absent from his childhood. He played basketball while attending high school but was expelled for drugs, so Hatch decided to become a rapper.He worked with rapper C-Loc and his group Concentration Camp and made his debut on C-Loc’s fifth album, It’s a Gamble in 2000. Shortly afterwards, Hatch released his debut album For My Thugz as Lil Boosie in 2003.[1] Boosie joined growing record label Trill Entertainment which was backed by the late Pimp C of UGK. Soon after, Trill independently released the album For My Thugz. Later, Boosie teamed with label mate Webbie, on the albums Ghetto Stories and Gangsta Musik. Boosie’s major label debut, Bad Azz, was released in 2006.[1] It contained the single “Zoom” featuring Yung Joc. In 2007, Boosie and Webbie performed on the remix of “Wipe Me Down” by rapper Foxx. Streetz Iz Mine, a mixtape with dj Drama, was released in 2008, and in the same year Boosie appeared on singles “Independent” by Webbie and was among several rappers featured on “Out Here Grindin” by dj Khaled. and Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz was released in 2009. “Better Believe It”, featuring Webbie and Young Jeezy, is the first single off of Superbad.Personal lifeLil Boosie has six children.[2]Shortly after Bad Azz was released, Boosie announced that he had diabetes.[1] On October 22, 2008, Boosie was arrested after East Baton Rouge sheriff’s deputies found marijuana, another unidentified drug, and a gun in Boosie’s car. Boosie pled guilty to third-degree possession of marijuana on September 22, 2009 and was sentenced to two years in prison the next day.[3] Judge James Moore doubled the sentence on November 10 after finding Boosie to have violated probation while awaiting sentencing. Between his plea and sentencing, Boosie was electronically monitored and placed under house arrest.[4]On June 17th, 2010 Torrence “Lil Boosie” Hatch was indicted on federal first degree murder charges.[5]

OH NO: Bishop Eddie Long ROBBED

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Originally Posted: June 25, 2010

 width=Atlanta Pastor Eddie is at peace after being robbed this week. The cult I mean mega church named New Birth Missionary Baptist was robbed when thieves broke in to the Bishop’s office and stole his iPhone, iPad, Xbox, Big Wheel and golf clubs (OK, I’m exaggerating) but they did take his jewelry (of course purchased by members, God says he needs expensive jewelry right?) and his collection of wiglets (OK they left the wigs, laugh). Long states he has forgiven the thieves and he will get working on church members to replace the items via donations (laugh).
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Originally Posted:July 1, 2010

 width=How many people reading this would go on vacation from a radio gig and allow former market superstars to hand le the shift while you’re gone? I’m sure not many. I know I would be concerned. Perhaps, Baisden was not aware of it at all.Instead of moving current staff around to accommodate the vacationing Baisden, WDAS used Baisden’s vacation time with the return of Carter and Sanborn this week. YIKES… and by the online blogs, newspapers and the listeners in the area, all are THRILLED. I thought most syndicated shows were to do the “best of” while the host is on vacation? Maybe not, even so, Mike’s shows are generally date sensitive (I have not heard the show in eons) so that might be difficult to produce.Time and again in this blog I’ve stated that the novelty of syndicated radio is going to suffer especially on the urban side mostly because the format is dominated with it. Listeners just deserve more. Corporations are thrilled at the amount of money these shows bring in and they don’t see problems arising via research and PPM but the same corporations also don’t seem to be interested in their online presence either. This is a mistake. Many stations, even in major markets, have very low ranking websites. Finally, if you do your own poll and rand omly ask family members or people on the street if they still listen to radio, you get a mixed reaction. There is a disconnect somewhere.Just as I predicted with Big Boy’s show almost a year before it happened, I think Michael’s show may be in trouble. I can’t figure out why he has not produced any books recently and /or made bigger appearances outside of the radio circle to keep his name and brand established but there is a problem. Steve Harvey, who is excellent at self promotion (almost to a fault) is currently dominating the urban syndication market with outside projects. Tom Joyner has fallen off a bit. Hopefully Mike will make some immediate changes and tweak some things to change some minds.

Jock Writes Book about Urban Radio, No Holds Barred

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Originally Posted: July 27, 2010

 width=(pictured Marcus, Keyshia Cole and rand om DJtress) I have to give Marcus Chapman a whole lot of credit for not being one of the MANY radio people who talk about doing a book. He has actually DONE it. This book is full of hardcore language, sex and unchristian like subject matter (where’s my Bible? Lawd)… I can’t WAIT to finish reading it (lol). Marcus holds NOTHING back as he tells the TRUTH about urban radio. This is actually a well written book and right on point. Get your copy and support this man in his efforts. Excerpt below… Buy your copy here.. K
“I just wanna fook bad bitches. All them nights I never had bitches. Now I’m all up in that ass bitches!”-Dr. Dre “Fook You” 1999 “But I’m somethin’ different, ain’t like the rest. How does it feel to find out you’re failin’ YOUR test?!” -Kiss “I Stole Your Love” 1977
In the first five months of 1999 I’d already had more sex partners than in any complete year before that. It was as if someone said “okay MC Marcus Chapman. Here’s the key to radio stardom. Just open the door and see what you find.” What I found was an adventure that I was more than willing to take, and why not? I was young, successful, and enjoying the life that I’d worked so hard for without being destructive. Though I didn’t drink, do drugs, or nail every girl on my monthly rotations, it was basically a scaled down version of the rock “˜n roll lifestyle that I was reading about. Yet none of it would’ve happened without the women I’d met, even the ones I didn’t have sex with. They were fun, and I found them as intriguing as they found me. I didn’t see them as bitches, hoes, or sluts like some men do, but I also didn’t see them as possessions to hold onto. My life was in perpetual motion, and between the record store during the day, the radio production room at night, being on-air twice on the weekends, and hosting the club, I had no time for a committed relationship or anything that came with it. Even more than the time factor was my level of interest. I’d already been down the girlfriend route before, and while there were some things about it that I enjoyed, I really had no desire to be attached to anybody. For what? So I could have some chick whining about me not spending enough time with her or accusing me of screwing somebody else? No thanks. I’ll take my main course of sex without the side order of hassle. The way I saw it, any jackass could have a girlfriend. I was doing something that was harder to accomplish: living a lifestyle that most men really wanted to live, whether they admitted it or not. Most people say the biggest male fantasy is to have sex with two women at once. I disagree. The real male fantasy is to fook as many bad chicks as possible without having to do a damn thing to get them. No buying drinks, no paying for dinner or movies, no commitment, just straight sex with hot women. It’s a fantasy that most men will never get to experience. The only slight possible exception is college, and for me, 1999 was making campus life seem like a vow of celibacy.
As great as all of the women I met were, I was surprised to find that not being visibly linked to any one of them in particular made me a target for negativity. Because I didn’t have a girlfriend, many females assumed that I was knocking off every woman in Chicago, and that I was wrong for supposedly doing so. I found this mentality that a man is somehow more “respectable” if he has a girlfriend rather naïve. A lot of guys with girlfriends still fook other women on the side anyway, and they usually have a trail of lies to cover up their activities. I wasn’t misleading the women I hit with promises of being their man, but my status as a nice looking, unattached radio personality almost worked against me as much as it helped. The girl I’d driven to DeKalb for told me that one of her friends said I had “tons and tons of girls”. This broad didn’t even know me, yet she was trying to convince her friend not to see me based on her own assumptions. I fooked her girl anyway, so what did she really accomplish? Not a damn thing.
Overall, I found this change in perception amazing. A decade earlier I’d been ridiculed by males for allegedly not getting enough pu..y. Now in 1999 I was starting to catch flack from women for allegedly getting too much. And just how much is “too much” ladies? I’ll tell you. No such number exists. Saying a guy gets too much pu..y is like saying a business gets too much money, or that a team scores too many points. In each scenario it’s not guaranteed that anybody will get anything. No matter what qualities a guy might have in his favor, he still has to have the power of persuasion. Because when it’s all said and done, women still have the power to choose who they want to have sex with. Years earlier in college, females had chosen to play games by holding out on sex after calling me to their rooms late at night. In one case, a girl called and woke me up at 2am asking me to come see her, and when I got there she wasn’t trying to do a damn thing. I didn’t appreciate that or any other games chicks I’d met played with sex. Now that I was mastering the game I was supposed to apologize for getting women to do what I (and they) wanted? Fook that!
Some women, most of whom weren’t fooking me, felt that a man in my position should “use some restraint” like they did. But males use restraint all the time. It’s called “not getting any”, and there are plenty of guys who suffer from not having the dick of choice. It was one of the main reasons why the cartoon “Beavis & Butt-head” instantly became so popular when it debuted in 1993. The two sex-crazed, sex-starved teenage boys were an exaggerated, yet accurate depiction of unrequited male horniness that a lot of guys could relate to due to their own experiences. In his 1987 song “I’m a Player”, rapper Kool Moe Dee summed it all up with the following words: “if a guy has a hundred girls he’s a hero, a girl with a hundred guys is a zero, don’t blame me “˜cause society made the rule, but I think they made it for me”. I didn’t consider myself a player. I was an opportunist. I had the opportunity to get with some beautiful, exciting women and I was taking advantage of it. I also didn’t appreciate the females I dealt with being degradingly labeled as “groupies”, as if something had to be wrong with a woman for her to want to fook me. Whether they admit it or not, all women have at least one man in the spotlight who they’d fook in a heartbeat if they had the chance. The only difference was that they rarely met these men, so how could anybody judge the chicks who met me? Ironically groupies were originally an elite clique of girls. They got their name because they hung out with and took care of particular groups and band s while they were on the road in the late “˜60s and early “˜70s. As one of them said in a 1996 VH1 documentary called “The “˜70s”, being a groupie was fun because they got to “fook the cutest boys”. The way I saw it, everybody was gonna fook somebody. I was a better pick than most men, so why not fook me?
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Dr. Laura Makes Royal F-up, Says the “N” Word multiple times on air

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Originally Posted: August 8, 2010

 width=Amidst repeated critisism Dr. Laura Schlessinger has decided to wrap up her 30 year radio career and she’s calling it quits… This is great news. Now can we get Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh off the air too? She played herself thinking her tenure and degrees gave her carte blanche to use the N Word and her arrogance came back to bite her in the ass. This is not the first time she’s been involved in controversy, however. She claims she wants to focus more on her books and speaking engagements but she’s actually not “quitting” yeah right. Arrogant all the way to the end. She made the announcement on Larry King Live. Her contract expires at the end of the year and she is not renewing. Ironically, the woman who called that day got her question answered in the BEST way. Dr. Laura tried to call the woman “hypersensitive” and she tried to play down the issue… now Dr. Laura knows firsthand the impact that racist sh… has on a person. Hope the black woman’s husband was paying attention to the controversy…YIKES.

Attorney for 2 Men talks about Charges they filed against Eddie Long on V103

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Originally Posted: Sept 22, 2010

The attorney for the 2 young men appeared on the Frank and Wanda show at WVEE in Atlanta this morning to talk about the charges against Eddie Long. Hear audio here

Station Owner Arrested for Child Molestation

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Originally Posted: Sept 29, 2010

Walter John Bowen, 68, of Robertsdale has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. Bowen is the owner of radio station WSNI-AM 1000 and FM 105.9 in Bay Minette, Alabama. He was accused of fondling a girl under the age of 12. Circuit Judge Charles C. Partin sentenced Bowen, based on a plea agreement where prosecutors dropped a second sex abuse case involving another child younger than 12. After he is released, Bowen will have to register as a sex offender.

Raz B Accuses singer Marques Houston of Molesting him

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Originally Posted: Oct 13, 2010

 width=Raz B, 25, is now accusing Marques Houston, 29, of having sex with him when he was under the age of 18. Raz is obviously in a LOT of pain about what took place in those days and it’s hard NOT to believe him. See the disturbing video

Announcer Dean Blundell Says Justin Beiber is “Probably Gay” Station gets Fined

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Originally Posted: Oct 20, 2010

 width=The dying breed called “Shock Jocks” still exist in some formats including one at Toronto radio station CFNY by the name of Dean Blundell. The host and the station has been reprimand ed by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council after he made comments about Justin Bieber fans that the council concluded “inappropriately sexualized children.”In a decision released Wednesday, the council said the comments violated part of its “equitable portrayal code,” which prohibits the sexualization of children in broadcasting.The council said CFNY morning host Dean Blundell tweeted about his dislike for Bieber last October and suggested in vulgar terms that the singer was likely gay. He subsequently received tweets from Bieber’s fans, noting on air on Oct. 20, 2009 that they were likely 12 years old, the council said. (read more here)

Raz B Files Charges against Chris Stokes and Marques Houston for Molestation

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Originally Posted: Nov 1, 2010

 width=I know in the state of California you are supposed to inform a person when they are being recorded as California is a privacy state. Nevertheless, former B2K member Raz B taped an interview with a police officer about his charges against Chris Stokes and Marques Houston for alleged child molestation accusations. Raz has been diligent in his quest to let everyone know how Stokes and Houston took advantage of his at a young age sexually and he seems determined to get some sort of retribution. Houston has a new low budget movie out and Stokes has been behind the scenes as of late.

Buffalo dj Todd Heatley Sentenced for Homicide in Stabbing death of a man at a Party

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Originally Posted: Nov 11, 2010

 width=Buffalo, New York disc jockey Todd Heatley has been sentenced to 25 years to life for fatally stabbing a man during a Halloween house party last year. A jury in Buffalo convicted the 29-year-old of second-degree murder in June for the death of Jacob Herbert of Clarence.At his sentencing Tuesday, Heatley apologized to the 19-year-old victim’s family and friends. But in delivering the maximum-allowable sentence, Erie County Judge Sheila DiTullio noted the victim had been stabbed in the chest and spine and that Heatley had tried to dispose of the knife by throwing it in a sewer drain.Heatley had been hired to play music at the party. His attorney said he felt he needed to defend himself against the unarmed Herbert as the two fought.

Hot 97 dj Cipha Sounds Causes Controversy over HIV Remark and Haitians.

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Originally Posted: December 21, 2010

UPDATE: Cipha suspended indefinitely.Press Release Below Story…Haitian Community Leaders Asking For dj Cipha Sounds To Be FiredNews today that protesters are expected to gather outside the Hot 97 Radio Station. They say a joke one of the morning disc jockeys made about Haitians crossed the line.dj Cipha Sounds made an on-air comment that has the Haitian community fuming. On Friday, DJ Sipha Sounds, whose real name is Luis Diaz, insulted and infuriated listeners when he said “The reason I’m HIV negative is because I don’t mess with Haitian girls.”Diaz apologized after Hot 97 was flooded with phone calls. In an on air apology he said “I made a stupid, tasteless joke that was a one-liner that was taken totally the wrong way.” Diaz said he does “nothing but rep for the Haitian people.” He continued “I want to say sincerely that I apologize.”The apology isn’t enough for Haitian community leaders. They are asking for him to be fired immediatly. They plan to rally outside the radio station on Hudson Street in the West Village on Tuesday morning.HAITIAN COMMUNITY LEADERS UNITE WITH ELECTED OFFICIALS TO VOICE OUTRAGE OVER COMMENTS MADE AGAINST HAITIAN WOMEN BY HOT 97 RADIO PERSONALITY CIPHA SOUNDS..Coalition calls on Hot 97 management to terminate Cipha Sounds over his comment: “the reason why I’m HIV negative is “˜cause I don’t mess with Haitian girls.”Haitian community leaders and elected officials came together Tuesday to denounce the discriminatory on-air remarks made on Friday, Dec. 17, against Haitian women by Hot 97’s Morning Show Personality Cipha Sounds (Luis Diaz).Activists and community leaders said that Sounds’ comments, made during the Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg Morning Show, were crude and vulgar–a painful reminder of the period when Haitians were unscientifically designated in 1983 by the Center for Disease Control as an AIDS high-risk group.Haitians were listed by the CDC as one of the 4H’s (Haitians, Hemophiliacs, Homosexuals and Heroin addicts) and the CDC banned 4H’s from donating blood. This designation caused severe social stigma for Haitians in New York and around the world.On April 20, 1990 when the CDC’s ban was up for review, the Haitian community led one of the largest marches in New York City’s history across the Brooklyn Bridge into Lower Manhattan.Sounds’ statement was made after one of the most difficult and devastating years for the Haitian community, where over 200,000 people died in the Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Currently the country is also grappling with a widespread Cholera epidemic. Community leaders and elected officials have said Sounds’ subsequent apology for his remarks was patently inadequate.Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer denounced Sounds’ comments as “highly offensive and totally unacceptable,” adding: “It is appalling in this day and age that someone thinks they can malign an entire community with such an ignorant and hurtful comment. That it was made by a radio personality–who presumably knows better and has a responsibility to respect the people who listen to his show–is even more disgraceful. Hot 97 now has an obligation to show New Yorkers that there is no place, and certainly no excuse, for such degrading commentary on its airwaves.”Public Advocate Bill de Blasio”As Mr. Diaz has himself has acknowledged, his remarks were “˜stupid and tasteless.’ They denigrated Haitian women, and made light of an HIV epidemic that is growing across the five boroughs. Mr. Diaz’s public apology was a first step, but now it’s incumbent upon Hot 97 to take disciplinary action and show that it takes its broadcasting responsibility seriously.”New York State Senate Democratic Conference Leader John L. Sampson”I deplore and condemn the offensive remarks carried on Hot 97 degrading the Haitian community. Communities of color have been on the receiving end of prejudice too often and we should know better. We need to eradicate stereotypes, not perpetuate them. Those who have the privilege of broadcasting on the public airwaves must use their position responsibly and refrain from comments that divide and degrade our society,”Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz”In Brooklyn””the Haitian and Caribbean Capital of the USA and a borough where women are our only “˜majority'””Brooklynites of every race and creed are flabbergasted by the insensitive and uninformed remarks made by Cipha Sounds. His degrading comments are not only disrespectful to our vibrant Haitian community and all of the great contributions they have made to Brooklyn and our city, but further perpetuate myths about HIV/AIDS. That’s why I believe HOT 97″”which has a social responsibility to its listeners””should work with Haitian American and HIV/AIDS community groups to use this incident as a learning tool. Let’s get out the real facts about HIV/AIDS and the risks of transmission, especially among the younger listeners of stations such as HOT 97, so that we can keep New Yorkers safe and work to eradicate HIV/AIDS once and for all.”Council Member Mathieu Eugene”I believe the comments made by Hot 97 radio host Cipha Sounds were incredibly insulting and denigrating to both Haitian women and the Haitian community,” said Councilmember Mathieu Eugene. “Regardless of their intention, these comments were insensitive, careless and disrespectful, especially at a time when Haiti is struggling to recover from the devastation caused by the January 12th earthquake and the current epidemic of cholera. We cannot tolerate such hurtful comments, which spread a negative stereotype associated with the Haitian community. I strongly denounce the comments made by the radio host, and I believe we should come together to stand up against this form of discrimination.”NYS Senator Eric Adams “I am appalled at the offensive and divisive remarks made by Hot 97 Morning Show Host ‘Cipha Sounds’ (Luis Diaz). Radio is a powerful and far-reaching medium, and this type of ignorant speech is unacceptable. New York is home to a large Haitian community; they are part of the fabric of our society and deserve more respect.”Assemblyman Karim Camara “The comment made by DJ Cipha Sounds, whether made in jest or not indicates that we have a long way to go in the effort to educate the public about HIV and AIDS. The comment perpetuates gross ethnic stereotypes and racism that cannot be tolerated. It is also deeply insensitive to a great nation that has already endured recent tragedies”Council Member Maria del Carmen Arroyo, Co-Chair, New York City Council Black Latino and Asian Caucus and Chair Health Committee New York City Council “Usually Hot 97 prides itself in being a radio station that provides a public forum addressing issues plaguing our respective communities. However, DJ Sipha Sound’s ill-informed reference to Haitian women threatens to dismantle efforts made by everyone to educate minority communities about existing health disparities. Hot 97 must amend this utter lack of respect to all Haitians and women by terminating the deejay from his post- effective immediately!”New York City Council Deputy Majority Leader Leroy Comrie:”I want to join my colleagues in government and all New Yorkers of goodwill who found the comments issued on Hot 97 radio about Haitian women to be outrageous, racist and ignorant. Unfortunately, there has been a pattern of “shock” behavior at this radio station and communities of color have been the recipients every time. I stood with my Council colleagues in the past to denounce the anti-Asian “Tsunami Song” aired in 2005 and the anti-Caribbean remarks made by former Hot 97 personality Miss Jones in 2006. Such behavior is driven by a corporate culture that continues to demonstrate that it will engage negative stereotypes in order to achieve ratings. It is my hope that Hot 97 listeners will soon tune out this radio station.”Council Member Inez E. Dickens, Assistant Deputy Majority Leader: “When I learned of the comment made by Cipha Sounds of Hot 97, I was appalled. The fact that a person of color would so blatantly and ignorantly demean black women is incomprehensible. I say ‘black women” because his comment disrespects all black women. More importantly, the Haitian people have endured great adversity and this irresponsible comment only increases their pain. Cipha’s comment also creates division between black and Latino people and we must be united. I understand that Hot 97’s Peter Rosenburgh/Cipha Sounds program format is about making derogatory remarks disguised as jokes against all ethnic groups, sparing no one. However I, along with many in my district in Harlem and Upper Manhattan, will continue to work towards the day when we as a people, regardless of race, color, creed or sexual orientation or gender preference, will embrace our common humanity and give all people the respect that they deserve.”Assemblyman Adriano Espaillat “I am outraged, though not surprised, that Hot 97 once again has come under fire for the terribly bigoted commentary of its DJs and Producers. DJ Cipha Sound’s recent apology rings as hollow as those from his colleagues before in response to their hateful and unfunny rhetoric. The ultimate protest of this on air behavior is to walk away. I encourage the New York listening public to change the dial on this dialogue and listen to another station.”Council Member Robert Jackson “Cipha Sounds’ statement regarding Haitian women and HIV is highly ignorant and irresponsible. Hot 97 FM should take immediate action in releasing him from his employment, to demonstrate its intolerance for any prejudiced behavior against any group. There is simply no room for this type of behavior in our public discourse.”Council Member Letitia JamesThe 35th Council District has a large Haitian constituency, and the negative comments said by Cipha Sounds concern me very much. Contracting HIV has to do with each person protecting themselves while engaging in sexual activity, and nothing whatsoever to do with a particular ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. First and foremost I would like to see Cipha Sounds of Hot 97 retract his statement, apologize to New Yorkers, as well as make a significant contribution to the Haitian community – immediately.”Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries”Comments made by Hot 97 DJ Cipha Sounds are factually inaccurate, hurtful and unacceptable in a civil society. Hot 97’s parent company, Emmis Communications, must demonstrate that it will no longer tolerate such reckless behavior and discipline their employee immediately.”NYS Senator Kevin Parker”Last Friday 20 years of progress on HIV education was undone in 5 seconds by Cipha Sound’s stigmatizing Haitian women to his young listeners. Great power to formulate images of individuals, cultures, and issues comes with freedom of speech and the public’s ear through a major institution like Hot 97. We expect education; not denigration.”NYS Senator Jose Peralta”This type of demeaning buffoonery in the name of ratings is as contemptible as it is offensive. “Station management must apologize to the Haitian community and, through appropriate disciplinary action, make it clear that there is no place on the airwaves or in our great city for hateful speech.”Assemblyman Nick Perry, Assistant Majority Leader, NYS Assembly and Chairman, NYS Association of Black, Hispanic, Puerto Rican and Asian Legislators”I fully condemn the malicious and repugnant comments made by Cipha Sounds. What’s even more outrageous is that he offered a half-hearted apology, which he himself says is due to calls and tweets from outraged listeners. His apology should have come because he truly felt sorry, otherwise his comments truly speak to his character and that would be a shame. He said his comments were “taken totally the wrong way.” Is there a right way?”Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez”The statements made by this talk show host on Hot 97 are irresponsible and I urge the entire Caribbean community to reject such media outlets that insult us, promote negative perceptions of us, and encourage us to divide ourselves among racial and gender lines.”Council Member Jumaane Williams: “I am disappointed by the comments made by Luis Diaz (also known as Cipha Sounds) today on the Hot 97 Morning Show: “I am HIV negative, because I don’t mess with Haitian women.” I know many listen to this show for its shock factor, but there’s a line when it comes to what can and cannot offend people. Given the history of lies when it comes to AIDS and the Haitian community, his statement was extremely offensive to the Haitian community, and not the “joke” he may have intended. As a self described Hip-Hop head, I believe the culture has a duty to promote respect for all. I hope Mr. Diaz was reprimanded for his statement and apologized to the Haitian community at large.”Council Member Elect Ruben Wills”I am gravely concerned regarding the recent insensitive comments by a Hot 97 disc jockey made towards Haitian women. Although an apology from the disc jockey is appreciated and I’m sure genuine, it is my sincere hope that Hot 97 uses this incident and the ensuing public reaction as a call to action to support causes that empower all women. Hot 97 should use their immensely popular public platform to expand on outreach that will bring tangible positive benefits to the audience that continues to support them.”Jihan Antoine, President, Bel Ti Fi “As an organization dedicated to the empowerment of Haitian women, we were taken aback by the news of Cipha Sounds’ comments””and we intend to immediately correct the image he has portrayed of us.”Rodneyse Bichotte, State Committeewoman/District Leader, 42nd Assembly District:”We demand respect today as we did 20 years ago. We refuse to relive another second of ignorant comments demeaning the Haitian Community.”Taina Bien-Aime, Executive Director, Equality Now:”Mr. Diaz or Cipha Sounds’ apologies gloss over the essence of his comments, namely that negative stereotypes lead to dehumanizing individuals, in this case Haitian women. Misogynist and racist comments have no place on our airwaves and Hot 97 has a corporate responsibility not to promote hate speech, which we know encourages discrimination and too often can even lead to violence.”Gerard Cadet VP at large 1199/SEIU:”As a Haitian-American, a father of five native-born Haitian-American women, and the leader of an organization dominated by women, I feel that is unacceptable for a radio station to condone slander and discriminatory remarks on their airwaves. We are calling on Hot 97 to do the responsible thing by terminating Cipha Sounds from employment.”Edwidge Danticat, Author”It is extremely unfortunate in this day and age, and at this very challenging time for Haiti, that some people continue to use their bully pulpit to recycle old, incorrect, ignorant and painful stereotypes about Haitians, and Haitian women and girls in particular. Mr Diaz’ s energy would be put to much more productive use in informing both his male and female listeners, of every age, race, ethnic group and nationality, about AIDS prevention, testing, and treatment.”Martine Guerrier, Community Leader “The remarks made by Cipha Sounds were morally reprehensible & dealt a misogynistic blow to the public information campaign which seeks to deal with HIV as a universal killer of dreams, destroyer of families, & creator of social death, even during this age of social media, through its ability to force victims to remain silent & not seek treatment out of fear of being publicly blasted. Cipha Sounds attempted victimization of Haitian and Haitian-American women is a threat to many of us who remember a time when as children we had to endure insults and bullying just for identifying as Haitians. As proud Haitian Americans we raise our voices for our children, the men who love us and ourselves to say no to intolerance, no to ignorance, and no to Cipha Sounds. We refuse to be victimized today and shall not allow our children, the boys and the girls to suffer the same indignities.”Jo Hamilton, Chair Manhattan Community Board #2″Cipha Sound’s comments on Hot 97 Radio are insulting and irresponsible. They’re dangerous, too, because they feed into the culture of racism, sexism and bias against people with HIV/AIDS, all of which are unfortunately too common in our society. Such comments should be strongly repudiated by all decent and fair-minded New Yorkers, and Hot 97 should ensure that this incident is never repeated.”Rosemonde Pierre-Louis, Manhattan Deputy Borough President “Similar to Don Imus outrageous comment about the Rutgers University Women’s Basketball Team, Cipha Sound’s disrespectful remark on Hot 97 is an affront to Haitian women, the entire Haitian community and to New Yorkers as a whole. It is unfortunate that after such a challenging year for Haiti Cipha Sounds choose to disparage our community for a cheap laugh. Adding more insult to injury Cipha Sound’s apology to the Haitian community was tepid at best. Hot 97’s management should take quick and swift action.”


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