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Radio Facts 10 Best Black Radio DJs of All Time



In 2010, Radio Facts did an industry poll about who the industry thought deserved to be placed in the Top 10 Best Black DJs of All Time. These are the 10 that made the list but I added some honorable mentions at the end. I have revised the list with better pics and info. The Radio Facts Top 10 Best DJs of All Time winners are below. I am disappointed but not surprised to see that there is no new talent from the past decade or two on here. Sadly, it is no wonder talent from the last two decades didn’t place in the Top 10. There is little room for the new legends to grow in the urban radio market today. In addition, several of the winners are from the New York market and nobody in the California market even placed. Without question, New York is indeed the Number One radio market that produces (or has produced) the top urban talent… I wrote this piece while dealing with a toothache, so please excuse any typos…my advice, just have the Dentist pull the tooth and put a post in later. A root canal is absolutely ridiculous, I’ve had one, it’s not worth the pain, extra expense and the up chargers that Dentists rip people off with these days. You can see the entire list of candidates that voters submitted here. Now on to our winners… (Click “Next” to see next DJ)  

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  1. Growing up in Detroit, I went to school with Donnie Simpson, who was also known as “The Love Bug” but I think you missed including a woman perhaps more influential than Donnie who was on WJLB at the same time. Martha Jean “The Queen!” I will NEVER forget the Queen on the air during the Detroit Riots in ’67 urging citizens “Go back to your homes! There is nothing for you in the Streets!” I get chills remembering her, and wonder if there are any airchecks of those chilling days. Martha Jean will always be the epitome of what urban Community Radio is all about. The soul and the Mother of the Community.

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