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Pandora’s ‘Next Big Sound’ Empowers Fans With Publicly Available Musician Data

Pandora is opening its Next Big Sound project to the public, allowing anyone to see how successful a musician is on its service.


Pandora acquired Next Big Sound in 2015, which looks at a variety of metrics to gauge the success of an artist. The ranges from monthly listens to the relative performances of releases, station adds, and many other factors. Previously, the service was only to artists, managers, and record labels.

Next Big Sound Senior Project Manager Dan Wissinger explained the impetus for the change:

“In an industry where stream counts are an important measure of an artist’s success, the inaccessibility of this data publicly has meant that Pandora’s important role in many artists’ career trajectories has gone unnoticed.”

Their examples used Atlanta rapper Lil Donald to demonstrate a variety of the newly available displays and readouts:



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