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OH NO! 14 Signs that Your Industry Career is DONE!

OH NO! Signs that Your Industry Career is DONE!


First and foremost, let me state this is done with a bit of dark humor, it’s not LAW but it almost is and it’s also not humor but it almost is (see what I mean?). Losing your gig and not being able to get back in the industry can be incredibly frustrating but we must all note that this is a youth-driven machine and when your age is post 40, you can come in and make demands if you want to but you might find yourself begging for your job (and these days CAREER) back in a few months. This is not the time to rest on your laurels and grandly state what you will and will not do, UNLESS you are one of the VERY few who are called upon by a corporation for your services… but it’s the time to start from scratch all over again even stepping down to a position that you have not had in 20 years just

to stay on board. Some people can remain in the industry well into their 70s and make millions as long as they are not black   (see this is the “humor” NOT humor thing again) but there are certain things that we should pay greater attention to if we want to continue  to work in the industry before then.   Since 2001, the music and radio industry has literally been cut in half (some would even say 75%) and for those of us who are fortunate enough to remain an asset and still able to work in it, there are some things we must always consider. The industry has always had certain bizarre realities, probably akin to other industries as well, for example, some of us know (at least we do here at Radio Facts) when someone is about to get canned from a corporate gig before they do but other people from other corporations are often privy to is as well. What can we do (and NOT do) to safeguard our positions and continue to thrive (or just stay ALIVE) in our current and future posts? Enjoy (click the next button or the next number above and below to read each one).


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