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OH NO: Bishop Eddie Long ROBBED

 width=Atlanta Pastor Eddie is at peace after being robbed this week.   The cult I mean mega church named New Birth Missionary Baptist was robbed when thieves broke in to the Bishop’s office and stole his iPhone, iPad, Xbox, Big Wheel and golf clubs (OK, I’m exaggerating) but they did take his jewelry (of course purchased by members, God says he needs expensive jewelry right?)   and his collection of wiglets (OK they left the wigs, laugh). Long states he has forgiven the thieves and he will get working on church members to replace the items via donations (laugh).


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  1. mhhmmm your comments are dull. stick to what you know, because what your writing now is scandalist. There is no proof behind your accusataions

  2. While his ministry is not beyond criticism, I assume you are not a Christian because a Christian should speak life into situations and seek God’s healing. Your article is dripping with vicious, acerbic criticism that does not lift up Christ. I pray that you will know the love and truth of Jesus Christ, Who died for our sins.

  3. the person(s) who would rob the house of god really needs all warriors to pray for the soul of the theives.
    it is one thing to rob a man/woman of god, but to defile the house of the lord by taking any thing is sacriligous..
    eddie long may forgive , but god has the ultimate choice of where your soul is sent to.
    you (theifs) should return to the church, and ask the father to forgive you.next time you are so desperate for
    help, ask the church , don’t rob.

  4. You people are such a bunch of monkeys in a line, when and where in any religious doctrine does it say that a church of any kind should profit off of it’s congregation? Such blind followers..

  5. God is merciful unto sinners, and he saves them from sin.
    God is merciful to pastors, even when he exposes them of theirs.

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