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OH NO: All Jamaican Music Officially ENDS per BAN

Perhaps it’s not ENDING but ALL Jamaican is about fooking or violence, what’s left? The nation of has instituted an island -wide ban of all which glorifies violence or sexual activity. The ban, which became official earlier this week, is targeted at quelling the growing dancehall trend called “daggering,” where participants stimulate sexual intercourse on the dance floor. The style was popularized by dancehall Mr. Vegas, who released a song and of the same name last June. Under the regulation, all music with lyrics detailing murder, arson, rape, and gun violence cannot be Furthermore, DJ’s are not even allowed to be censored versions of songs, as the intent and suggestive nature of the tracks would still be discernible. As the country’s most popular music genre, dancehall stand s to be the most affected by the new ruling. However, the decree will also limit the accessibility of Soca and Hip- on the island . Hip- has strong with the Caribbean island due to Jamaican-born DJ Kool Herc, who helped launch the genre of Hip- in the 70s, after migrating to New York City in the late 1960s. Per All Hip


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