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NEWSFLASH: Three members of Soul for Real will be indicted on 145 counts of identity fraud


Duluth, Georgia state that will be indicted on 145 counts of aggravated identity fraud. A laundry list of related charges, like forgery and aggravated bank fraud (just to name a few!), will be part of the indictment. Police say that Brian’s brothers (and fellow group members), Jason Dalyrimple and Andre Dalyrimple, will be indicted for their involvement in the case too. However, police did not say what specific role they played in the fraud. Brian, 33, was arrested on suspicion of identity fraud earlier this month. He’d been running from Duluth PD with his infant son since February. Police caught him in , where he was taken into custody.

Cops became alarmed when someone from California called Duluth PD saying they’d lost $12,000 due to fraudulent purchases. The victim told police that had been used at a bank in Georgia to open a checking and credit account. Police tracked the fraudulent purchases to apartments in the same Georgia complex, both of which Brian was renting under false identities. A police search of one apartment turned up a crop of driver’s licenses from different states in different names. [We also found] a multitude of fraudulently obtained credit cards, said Major Woodruff of Duluth , documents for bank loans, checking and savings accounts in fraudulent names, account and routing numbers belonging to legitimate accounts and documents containing identifying information of many individuals.

Duluth Police also said that Brian was using false identities to lease at least four other apartments. Laborah Crawford (Brian’s baby mama) was arrested in connection with the same identity fraud case immediately following the search. She is currently being held in Gwinnett County and hasn’t been cooperating with police for further investigation. Brian’s 10-month old son was put in his grand mother’s care after Laborah was arrested. Police told WSBTV.com that Brian later took his son from a daycare center one afternoon after the child had been dropped off. The baby has now been safely returned to his grand mother. source s2s

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  1. Anyone who actually knows the members of Soul for Real already knows what’s wrong with this story. For those that don’t, I’d just like to shed a little light on this. I can’t sit back and be silent when I know more facts than what is being reported. I’m not going to comment on Bri’s side of it because I do not feel adequately informed to do so; however, the mention of Jase and Dre’s involvement is absurd. These two were just as shocked as the rest of the public when the news of Bri’s case first hit the airwaves and now this? They are being indicted for what?? It’s baffling that this has become a public news story (and that is exactly what it is) but yet the two members recently included don’t even know anything about it. If they are supposedly being indicted, shouldn’t they at least know something of this before the rest of America does? The article above states that police are not saying how they are involved, most likely because they can’t prove that they were simply because they weren’t! It happens too often that people are considered guilty just by association, and this is clear case of that. Like I said earlier, I don’t know enough about Bri’s activities to make a statement about them, but if he was involved in what he is being accused of, his brothers definitely did not even know of it let alone have any involvement. I feel strongly against identity fraud and would not be wasting my time writing this if I felt that either Jase or Dre had even the slightest role in this scheme. I know for a fact that they did not, and so this should not go unheard. I know it’s my word against the news, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but remember that there are always three sides to a story. If you’re taking your time to read the above article, then you deserve to see this as well. Duluth PD, along with the media, is destroying the names of innocent individuals, but what else is new in the world? It has become “guilty until proven innocent, right? To all the family, friends, fans, and everyone else who values truth in a corrupt system, please pray for the members of Soul for Real and that justice will see them through this tribulation. And please pass this along

  2. So you give no facts to support your position which is in part that we cannot believe the news or Police due to lack of facts. Kind of hypocritical isn’t it.

  3. How can I give facts about nothing? And that is what Jase and Dre did… nothing. If they didn’t know, they didn’t know… period. I’m not sure what kind of “facts” you’re looking for. I can’t respond to what police are saying is “involvement” since they are not saying how they are supposedly involved. I know the group personally and am close enough to know enough about what is going on. I’m not telling you what to believe; I’m just telling you what is real. Like I said, if Bri was doing something fraudulent, nobody knew about it… that’s why I can’t speak in that regard. It seems like everyone just jumps on news like it’s truth, like someone is automatically guilty just because they’re being accused of something… as if the police have never made a mistake or been misinformed. If and when the police have something to say about what their role in all of this was, I’d be happy to prove the opposite. Until then, just know that there is another side, just like with everything…

  4. i know them all well as well. jase and dre need to find out what they are being indiced for, im sure jase had nothing to do with ity, but I can almost bet dre did- I know them well also

  5. well i grew up with the group and know and love the entire dalyrimple family! they are in my prayers! brian has been one of my best friends since i was 14 and this whole ordeal breaks my heart! he has 7 children to take care of some of which are old enough to watch and understand the news. i have been sick to my stomach since first hearing about this case its crazy how many lives are affected when one person is taken down. they’ve had a hard life filled wit ups and down and ive been patiently waiting for them to catch a REAL break they are some of the most talented men i know and i would hate for the world to remember them as criminals and not the passionate multi-talented, funny, loving and family oriented individuals that they are! as for the accusations of the other members i think the police just want to bring them in and try to scare them into talking and bring friction between brothers by threathening their freedom. they’ve been through enough already and so has their immediate family and loved ones they really need to leave them alone! as for bri i know his heart and i know how important being a provider for his family is. i feel his pain and i know being away from them is killing him i pray the judge will have mercy on him as well as his innocent girlfriend i know she’s scared to death! dre, jase and choc hold ya heads dont let this break u keep pushing foward!

  6. my disbelief is evident that from what i’m being told of the groups involvement in this fraud scheme, is to be anything but what really happened. the police have no idea if the other brothers were involved in this and the info provided that Brian is the culprit, just shows another one of those things of an open and shut case. they want to find someone guilty of the crime, and blame as many people as possible. find more evidence then prosecute, but don’t tarnish someones reputation on just being related to someone who you suspect to be guilty. and that’s all i have to say….

  7. was a big soul for real fan, they should have been as big as usher, brandy and others of that era but p.diddy messed up their 2nd album, although it was a nice album it was not commercial enough. I felt so sad when i read this story and as much as i would like to believe the other brothers are innocent, if my brother amassed one million dollars through fraud i think i would know! Its ridiculous to say they knew nothing, did they not ask where he got the money to do the things he was doing?! So sad they really wasted their tallent and messed it up for their sisters who i heard had formed a group too. Jase i hope u and your other two brothers are innocent and can make it through. If youre not then u effed up big time!

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