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Negative Personality Traits That are Not Well Hidden

hiding  We are all born with the ability to know when we are in danger. I like to call this the “Yellow light Warning.” Have you ever noticed that just about anything negative that has ever happened to you, there was some kind of warning beforehand? Like you let your sister drive your car and she got a ticket and against your better judgement you kept letting her drive and a week later she had an accident? Or you are being ignored at work all of the sudden by your superiors and a couple of months later you get fired. I’ve know people who ignored a pain in their chest and had a heart attack thereafter. The list goes on and on . In women it’s called “intuition” and in men it’s called “gut feeling” but it’s all the same thing, it’s that feeling or spiritual connection in your gut and/or core (being) that something is not right,  someone around you can’t be trusted, you are not paying attention or all hell is about to break loose. In the situation where we are surrounded with the wrong people there are some things that are obvious, to the point that you can see the dangers of some situations way in advance. The most important question we can ask ourselves is if this person doesn’t value their own lives, how much will they value mines? It’s a rhetorical question because some basic math should solve this simple equation. Nevertheless, here are a few people with various personality traits that you may need to watch out for more closely in your everyday dealings. The most important thing, and you have heard this before ALWAYS surround yourself with the right people.. (click “Next” for next segment above or below each time for next warning)

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