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Men Defy Marketers Stereotypes

Breakthrough Study Of Male Shopping Habits Shows True Value

A web-based survey of reveals that no matter how you look at it, stereotypes about men being “out of it” when it comes to the decision-making process of small and big-ticket items are folly. The survey, taken among more than 13,000 of Rock, Alternative, Classic Rock, and stations, reveals that men play a crucial role in purchasing decisions that defies stereotypes. Companies that market and advertise products to a might need to re-think their long-held assumptions about the value of men.

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The “Marketing To Men” survey was conceived by research and Jacobs Media in response to the trend of media buying shifting away from men and toward women. Many share the misplaced belief that women are responsible for the lion’s share of household purchasing decisions.

“We work with our radio clients every day to help them position their male audiences to advertisers and over the past few years, we’ve become frustrated,” says Vice President/General Manager Paul Jacobs. “There has been a shortage of solid data to help educate about the changing role of men in the purchasing process. This study will turn some heads and change many minds. Data now exists to help advertisers recognize a major new opportunity to sell small and big-ticket items on male-intensive .”

Some of the key findings from the study include:

1. Three of ten men are single, and more than 80% of them make the sole or key big-ticket decisions in their . This segment of the male population is a hidden opportunity for marketers ““ they profile equal to or better than women in their decision-making power and are a significant opportunity for growth.

2. Even women agree that men should have major input in decisions about buying big-ticket items. In fact, six in ten women say that a recommendation from a spouse or partner is a deciding factor when making major purchases.

3. Six in ten men play a key role in the big-ticket item buying process. They either are the sole or play a key role in the purchase of items like homes, cars, and major appliances.

For an infographic on some of the key findings of the study, please click here.

“Marketing products and services in this competitive environment is more challenging than ever for advertisers,” comments Jacobs. “The last thing agencies should do is limit their sales opportunity due to stereotypes that aren’t relevant today. In the 21st century, men are emerging as an incredibly valuable component in the marketing mix. They make purchases on their own, and have significant input in the decision-making process in the majority of households. And single men are a bonus. Advertisers ignore men at their own peril, opening up opportunities for competitive products and brands.”

If you would like to receive an Executive Summary of the “Marketing To Men” study, please contact Lisa Riker ([email protected]) and indicate you would like a copy. Just include your name and company name and we’ll email you a copy of the summary within 24 hours.

The “Marketing To Men” survey was conducted in January 2011 utilizing the listener databases of 40 Rock, Classic Rock, Alternative, and Sports/Talk formatted radio stations. The study is comprised of 13,140 male and female respondents. “Marketing To Men” is a web-based survey, and cannot replicate all radio listeners. As with all Internet-based research studies of this kind, the results reflect only those who chose to participate in the survey, and do not necessarily represent the views of all radio listeners in the country.

For more information, contact:
Paul Jacobs
[email protected]
(248) 353-9030


SOURCE Jacobs Media

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