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LOOK: Katt Williams Home Videos With His 8 Children.

“It’s good being a father… and I didn’t have to go all the way to to find these.   You’d be surpried.   There are needy children right down the street!” on adopting 7 of his 8 children

: Never-Before-Seen Katt Williams Home Videos With His 8 Children.

TheUrbanDaily.com has an exclusive clip of Katt Williams at home with his eight children.   In addition to his biological son, Micah, Katt adopted Micah’s half brothers and sisters to keep them out of the system as Micah’s mother suffered from substance .   The clip below truly shows the world’s favorite pimp in a new .   Katt Williams: 9 Lives is in stores today.


About : 9 Lives

Featuring rare never before released stand -up from early in Katt’s phenomenal career, go behind the scenes to witness the king of comedy’s to fame. This movie shows a star in the making as it traces back to Katt as a young comic then follows his evolution as a performer and his path to fame and fortune. Includes some of Katt’s greatest stand -up comedy, revealing , and an intimate inside the comic’s life and work.   This movie seeks to answer the question on every fan’s mind: will Katt ever do stand -up again?

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