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LOOK: It’s Barry Mayo


In my 27 years of working in the industry I have never met Barry Mayo but I have always heard great things about him. As of late I’ve been hearing his name quite a bit especially from Radio One people and I thought I’d post these pics. Barry is one of   my contacts on FB and he’s quite the photographer. I truly admire people who live their passions instead of moaning, groaning and complaining because I just stopped doing it last year (lol, I kill me). There is such in incredible high in being who you were meant to be and doing what you were meant to do.   I’m impressed with Barry’s photography and I have posted some of Mr. Mayo’s work here. Great isn’t it? (What’s come over me, getting older is making me a nice guy?)

Best wishes to Mr. Mayo.





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  1. Its great to see Barry,he looks like he did when we worked together back in 80’s in Chicago.Barry you’re looking great man


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