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Look at this Unacceptable Cox Billboard (Must See)

This is what happens when a corporation hires marketing companies that toss all the resumes of black cand idates…. (which is about 99% of them)(lol). What do they need black people to promote black product for…they beg… and THIS my friends is the reason why.

MOST major marketing companies don’t have a clue about black people because… well …they HAVE NO BLACK PEOPLE WORKING THERE (lol) and they have no interest in black culture and they think they can just lump black people in with the general population… Perhaps we should be, I don’t know, IMPRESSED with this? Had there been at least 1 black employee on board this billboard would have been shut down before it got put up. Well, then again, I would have let the stupid dickheads put it up and not said sh… since I would have probably been hired as the janitor with the college degree (lol) IF I got in. This is absolute garbage from Cox and AT&T should demand their name be removed from this billboard. Of course Cox could always respond by saying “Gosh Darnit, we hire naygrahs at our radio stations, isn’t that enough for you cotton pickin’ coons?” To that end, isn’t it great to know that racism is dead?


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