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Life After Tom Joyner, What’s Next for J Anthony Brown?

What’s next for ?

J Anthony Brown, Radio Facts

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  1. The tom Joyner morning show is nowhere near as funny and good as it was with J Anthony brown … I think that was a big mistake letting him go… .the show will never be the same… .

  2. J. Anthony Brown was the one that kept the show going once Myr J. and Ms. Dupree left. It was also probably for the best. Many of the comedians he graced the Comic View and Def Comedy Jam in the 90s(Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley) are headlining their own radio shows.

  3. I have listened to the TJ M S for years just to hear J A. Brown. When J Wasn’t there I would turn to Steve Harvey. J was the show. Things definitely won’t be the same. Hello Steve Harvey morning show.

  4. J Anthony was the glue. When he was late when he was sick it was always hilarious. He may
    Need pr to keep his name out there, but I don’t
    Think so. JA is unique. I missed him in Nashville,
    But if he ever comes again, I will be there to
    support him. I love tjms but not as much.
    Look at how many entertainers it takes to
    Replace JA. Its not the same. I love Tom,
    but I also blame him for letting J go. Whatever J
    J does, he has my support. Tjms is not the same

  5. Bring j Anthony back tom. In this world of changes this is not a good time to let him go. He was hilarious in the morning something we all need especially now. Swallow your pride tom and get him back. The comedians you are replacing him with are funny. But is not the same

  6. I just found out today that j Anthony wasn’t on the show anymore, it was like a the people you’ve loved forever just got divorceed or left or something really sad”? happened ! I love the TJMS, why do we always “mess up ” a great thing. Please come back J! Please let him come back Tom!

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