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Lauryn Hill Disappoints Chicago Fans with a “Miserable” Set

lauryn hill, radiofactsLauryn Hill Disappoints Chicago Fans with a “Miserable” Set

A Chicago Tribune concert reviewer states that Lauryn Hills performance last night at the Congress Theater was disastrous. He stated her set displayed an artist who is in obvious decline and at times her signing was so rapid fire, which he likened to an auctioneer, the band could not keep up.


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  1. Saw her in the ATL four or five years ago…didn’t take to the stage till after 1 am. Thought I would give her a chance to redeem herself by staying for the set, but she was horrible. She looked like she just got out of bed, slurred her words and was disoriented. She’s done.

  2. Whooaa she ain’t the only one who is wasting her time trying to sing live..stay in the studio and sing thru the voice enhancing machines is the best option for this one. Hint..Ms.Faded Keys.

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