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Kyle Santillian’s Ready to TAKEOVER the Radio Industry

, Kendra G and Leon

Several years ago I was getting constant videos and segments from a radio show at WJMH. Kyle Santillian was on a hustle to do greater things. I ran the segments because it was almost unheard of for black jocks to promote themselves and as an industry news trade it made my job very difficult but I understood the resistance. Many urban radio people, including PDs (still), feel it’s better to maintain a low profile to maintain a more neutral stance with their respective corporations. I also understand the corporation’s need to protect its branding. Nevertheless, Santillian found a way to slip through the cracks and do what he needed to do. The industry took note including industry vet Derrick Brown who took a chance by bringing the vet to a major market to do the morning show after a previous morning show at GCI failed. Before that had been running syndicated shows. 

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