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KJLH CHANGES: Is Steve Harvey BACK in Los Angeles?

 width=Looks like we are right again about a previous Radio Facts prediction. LA’s heritage KJLH has been bitten by the syndication bug and we are SO sorry to see this happen. As you know we want to see urban stations step AWAY from this concept.   However, in this situation, the station had to make a move quickly.

KJLH reps blame PPM inaccuracies for their decrease in numbers and as a result sharp revenue declines.   They have laid off several employees and made changes to supplement the drastic revenue slump. PPM has surprisingly admitted there are inaccuracies in the LA system but the effort to fix the problem comes too late for the station’s need to survive.

Some of our panel of experts say KJLH’s problems have been brewing for a while. The market has drastically changed and for the blacks who have not left the market altogether, a large percentage of those still in the market have moved out of KJLH’s broadcasting range. Los Angeles has seen a huge increase in the cost of living in LA proper over the last 8 years. Some urban radio experts also state Stevie Wonder may have shot himself in the foot by disrupting the flow of programming by being on the air every Thursday, when available, and viewing the station as his “Toy” instead of a viable business needing to compete in a VERY tough market for urban stations, Los Angeles.

Whatever the case may be, the station which was usually around a 1.2 in the quarterly books fell to an average of .5 with the advent of PPM in the market. Wonder has been otherwise adamant about keeping the station syndication free. It has been rumored that he has been coming out of his own pocket to keep the station afloat over the last year. As I predicted Steve Harvey and Tom Joyner have been DYING to get back into the market but as Tom gets older Steve is the more appealing of the two and has won out according to our sources to replace Guy Black within the next few weeks.

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  1. They could have hired President Obama to do mornings and they would still lose. The station is horrible! What other station would go from “back that ass up” to reggae by heavy D, to a brand new, unfamiliar, gospel ballad to begin the morning show @6am? The rest of the day sounds like college radio, with every jock doing their own thing, one unfamiliar song after the other, presented with minimal personality in most cases, by mediocre talent at best. To top it off, seven minute stopsets, with several local retail spots, voiced by the clients themselves. grammatical errors included.The station may be losing money, but i doubt that the music director is. The p.p.m. isn’t the problem, it’s the p.p.d.. (pathetic program director). Don’t forget “Stevie Wonder’s Morning Thunder Thousand Dollar Thursday”. The longest 4 hours in radio. People in L.A. only have memories of how great the station once was. What a shame. It means absolutely nothing to the community anymore. “Radio Free” should be the charge for spots. At least Steve Harvey will play some hits

  2. Your comments are more like insults. You truly don’t speak for the community, at least not me! You sound like a disgruntled fired employee or as they say in the streets, “A Player Hater”. Nobody put a gun to your head and made you listen to KJLH. You complained about Stevie W. Thursday morning show being the longest four hours on radio. Well, if you had a life, you really wouldn’t have time to listen that long unless it’s playng at your place of business. How easy would it be to turn to another station? Or just cut the damn radio off!!! KJLH and Niele’s show on Sundays on the Beat are the only real communications about what’s going on in our communities. We no longer have access to public access, another communication tool they took from us. As I close, it is said be careful of the wolf in sheep’s clothing, well, Wolf, you are wearing your own clothes.

    • I know this has to be someone connected to the station who is using an alias (laugh). First off, I did work at KJLH and I was never fired. I resigned. It was actually a pretty good place to work outside of a couple of mentally ill employees. Stevie is a really nice and thoughtful boss, to a fault. I’ve seen him do things for past and present employees that I personally would not do but he is a good guy and he means well. If he wanted to look at the station as his toy that was his choice, I was saying, it cost him in the long run. Have a great one.

  3. Working with Stevie was one of the most interesting experiences in my career. Having worked in corporate radio, where creative freedom doesn’t exist, he challenges you to be inovative. He is on air only to help the station get through these trying times of low ad revenue and dwindling listenership. Politics can get deep at times, but that’s par for the course. Although i’m not a great fan of syndication, the addition of Steve Harvey hopefully will help them regain some lost market share. We certainly need that independent black voice. Lord knows they are few and far between. c.w.

  4. Dominic DePrima is directly responsible for that station’s demise.

    Colon cleansing to cure mental illness? Lizard People? Dick Gregory?

    And this chick was dead serious too.

  5. I have to say, I agree with some of what Wolf has to say. I’ve grown up with KJLH, and have always appreciated it for being a community-based station. And I love Stevie Wonder! But on the other hand, the station has a limited selection of music, and a bit too scattered at that…one minute smooth soul from Will Downing. The next moment, Drake…and then Drake again…and then Drake again! I don’t know how much control the station has over what they can play. But that is really my only problem with the station…oh, and that obnoxious, smug Don Amiche. Where the heck did he come from? Some of what he says is innappropriate.

  6. I don’t work at KJLH. I listen to it, and I suspect the scatteredness comes from the fact that the station looks like it has to be all things to all people in the community, particularly if KDAY finally goes away, as has been suggested.

    That’s why you hear Will Downing and Drake on the same station. They don’t have the luxury of being a WHUR in D.C. and concentrating on the adult mix.

    I’m wondering about the new lineup. Who will do nights? They’ve been announcing and the most surprising thing is that Nautica has been given the midday slot.

  7. ^^
    Christina, Kevin was retained. Stevie made the announcement this morning. He’ll be on 8 p.m. to midnight.

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