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Kicks 101.5 Partners with Audingo to Expand Social Media Presence

 width=Atlanta-based radio station Kicks 101.5 ““ owned by Cumulus Media, America’s second largest operator of radio stations spanning 68 metropolitan areas with 14 million listeners ““ today announced a partnership with audio-visual social media provider Audingo, demonstrating its commitment to staying on the leading edge of technology. Audingo, pioneer of an audio-visual social media platform offering mobile users an unprecedented level of personalized interaction with public personalities and organizations, this summer received $3 million in angel funding and has been rapidly expanding ever since, in the world of radio and beyond.

Audingo’s technology makes it possible for Kicks 101.5 listeners to receive voice and video messages from their favorite radio jocks via personalized phone calls, texts and emails at designated, preferred times. Subscribers can even send an immediate response to the jocks, fueling the conversation via the “Talk Back” feature.

Early-adopting radio stations across the country that tested the Audingo platform during its pilot phase have reported significant positive impacts to station ratings and listener loyalty. Well-known radio personalities like Rick Dees and Lars Larson have also embraced Audingo’s new technology to connect with fans on a deeper level than text-based social media platforms allow.

“The entire Audingo team is passionate about accelerating the next evolutionary change in social media,” said Audingo Founder and CEO Michael Boukadakis, who is also a voice processing and IVR expert. “We look forward to working with Kicks 101.5 to offer Atlanta listeners the chance to more closely connect with the local celebrities that have a pulse on their town.”

To learn more about how Audingo gives fans access to organizations and public figures in the fields of radio & TV, sports, politics, music, ministry and more, go to www.audingo.com.

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