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KEVIN’S SUMMARY: Top 10 Urban DJs, Why some names were missing…

 width=Fellow Radio Friends…

First and foremost…thanks SO much for participating in my first of many contests and Radio Facts features: The Top 10 Urban DJs of All Time. It went over extremely well. There are several people who are under the impression that I picked the names.. NOT SO. The way the contest worked was I allowed READERS (voters) to pick the people who they thought should be on the list. I added my favorites and allowed everyone else to add theirs. The list was over 140 urban radio announcers. We tallied a little over 3400 people and The top 10 got the MOST votes and won. Voters ranged from industry people to consumers. Basically everybody who reads the blog had a chance to participate in the voting. Our next contest will be more industry based.

Our next contest is “The Top 10 Urban PDs of all Time.” I suspect this one will be even bigger Voter identity will NOT BE DISCLOSED TO ANYONE.

I have migrated All Radio News to Radio Facts and All Radio News is no more. I’m sure you will enjoy the new format and direction that we are going in and as always, I welcome your suggestions… that’s doesn’t mean I will follow your advice… but I still welcome it (lol)

The Radio Facts Urban Radio History Vault.

I was thinking somebody has got to show an appreciation for the history, presence and the future of urban radio at the same time. who better than a widely read 15-year old all urban dedicated brand like Radio Facts.

I’m starting off by asking ALL radio personnel from today, yesterday and even newbies to enter a paragraph or two about yourself, add a picture and an email address because I get crazy requests for certain DJs ALL THE TIME.. for everything from personal emails (You would not BELIEVE the things people send to my “Contact” box for you guys)(lol) to actual PAYING GIGS! I don’t have a way of reaching everybody so it is important that you post your info in our bio site BRAMIB (Black Radio and Music Industry Bios). You don’t have to sign up. Just enter your info.

OK, I’m ready to move on to some other sh….

Be well


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