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Kevin Brown Exits KBLX, Replaced by Steve Harvey

 width=Entercom’s purchase of San Francisco‘s only urban leaning station KBLX comes with a major change in programming as well as the morning show. Entercom purchased the rights from Inner City‘s creditors earlier this month and they will begin operating the station this Tuesday, May 1 via a Time Brokerage Agreement. Industry vet Kevin Brown has probably been at KBLX for 20 years (or more). This would be considered five lifetimes for most urban radio people. The changes that have taken place at the station involve letting the Kevin Brown morning show as well as his PD duties go and Steve Harvey will take over. Harvey’s HUGE mass appeal and second week with a number 1 movie give the former comedian carte blanche to just about anything he wants in media right now and it puts him miles ahead of former competitor Tom Joyner who lost his position in the Number One market last week when WRKS folded the format ending their deal with The Tom Joyner Morning show and merging resources with WBLS where Harvey is already winning in mornings there.

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  1. I have started my day with Cousin Kev for more years than I can remember. I loved listening to his jokes and his booming laughter and what about the Hollywood Minute?? First thing I do in the ams is switch on the radio to KBLX; not sure that I will continue with this new format.

  2. I agree with most of the sentiment today, I awoke with a startle and could not believe what I heard that Steve Harvey syndicated show will be replacing our beloved Kevin Brown! How can this be??? Entercom doesn’t know the bay area, we don’t do syndicated shows. I like Steve Harvey ok, but not enough to listen to his show, I don’t like his humor that much. He’s grinding on the ears. I watched Family Feud and was not really impressed with that show either. The problem with the entertainment world today, is they do what I call is “overkill”. They will use one entertainer to death for everything, radio, movies, game shows, talk shows…we like certain entertainers in certain settings. NOT EVERY setting is appropriate for everyone, plus we are all different people and have different needs. Plus I’m sure I speak for many, don’t oversell. This will end up biting Steve in the ….as we will get over his loud, obnoxious, sneeky sounding laughter. I’m sorry I think he is good but NOT ALL THE TIME FOR EVERYTHING aspect of my life. I see him on TV, on comedy shows, now I have to listen to him during my quiet, relaxing morning time!! No thank you! I’m going to go to internet radio and possibly Siri radio. Bay area radio you have now pushed me out as a consumer!

  3. I’m a huge fan of cousin Kev. I am very dissapointed that he will not be apart of my mornings. Steve Harvey is great, very funny. However, his morning show just will not be as personable as Kevin Brown’s Morning Show.

  4. Cuz Kevin Brown and the morning show have been sacrificed for the all mighty dollar. There is no appreciation for individuality when generic vanilla saves money. No more KBLX for me.


  5. Sorry Steve Harvey… YOU’RE EC and NOT WC!!! Cousin Kev is local flavor and and you just can’t bring that to KBLX OR the Bay Area at-large!! I will continue to listen (for a minute) to see what’s what but I just see this venture as slippin’ and yes you will make money off this Corp branding BUT you just don’t have that WC flavor brother!! Having lived on BOTH Coasts, EC has its own flavor, that is VERY different from WC love. KB had this and he knows this! Not hatin’… just sayin’!!! Good Luck!

  6. I am a 41 year old Latino who has listen to Kevin and the morning crew for 20 years. I don’t know why but I felt that a very important piece of the bay area is gone. I remember him doing the battle of the sexes and women always lost. I hate it and i will not listen to the radio in the morning due to the morning show gone. Today is a very sad day for the corporate whorl. Kevin I hope you come back on another station.

  7. Waking up with cousin Kev and the crew in mornings was the best.To start your day with laughter and smiles can’t be beat. As I listened today,where is the Old School Lunch Hour? Don’t think I’m liking this New R&B format. If it’s not broke…..

  8. Kevin Brown will truely be missed in my life, although he’s gone I hope to hear from him in the near future.

  9. In my opinion big business is fracturing what was once considered radio into what has become who can own the largest piece of the pie. I was very unhappy as a radio listener when KRE was puchased by a New York company, called ” Inner City Broadcasting Corporation. KRE focused on local issues as well as national and international affairs, educating their listeners with an unbiased approached. KRE’s music selection as I remember was everything from jazz, R&B to the hardest Rock, giving their public quite a ride musically, creating a real appreciation for various genre’s.It was a real adult contemporary radio station, Younger liseners got more of a complete musical diet.
    I think it was in 1979 when KRE became KBLX and called inself an adult contemporary radio station, but somewhere down it’s road it became urban. That was a mistake. Now we have KBLX under new ownership, with a new focus. Who doesn’t like Steve Harvey? He’s a very good perfomer and talk show host. Can he replace Kevin Brown? No! Kevin Brown can hold his own with the best of them. With the company of Joe McConnell and Nikki Thomas, the bay area had something very unique. But there again business as usual feels letting talents like Kevin Brown and Joe McConnell go, is going to save the day, or should I say be a better business decission. Can the salaries of those two talents really be that significant?
    Bring real radio back to the bay. Bring it back to the east bay, KRE’s building with it’s towers are still there off Interstate 80 in Berkeley. It just needs a little face lift. We need real radio!

  10. I like Steve Harvey, but Kevin Brown is so much more and is like part of the famiy. I always looked forward to his being there to bring a smile and a chuckle to my morning. Whoever made this decision SERIOUSLY SUCKS!!! I will miss you Kev…

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