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Joe Rogan Opens Up about Life, Fans, Society, and More on the Jordan B. Peterson Podcast



It’s a meeting of the minds you won’t want to miss: , America’s fastest organically growing , presents a two-part podcast episode event sure to break the internet as Jordan B. Peterson interviews his friend Joe Rogan on . Part one of the interview is available now, and part two will be released Sunday, June 9th.

During the fascinating interview, the pair discuss the enormously positive effect they both have on their fans’ lives and how they feel misrepresented in the media. Rogan also provides a rare glimpse into who he is and where he comes from, as well as insight into his upcoming comedy special and creative process, his childhood, sarcasm as a micro-aggression, adolescent experimentation with drugs, and little known performance figures for his wildly-popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

This link features show artwork and several audio clips from part one of the interview; the clips are transcribed below.

Clip 1 – On Being Misrepresented

Joe Rogan: “You are, out of all the people I am friends with, you are probably the most misrepresented friend that I have, and I defend you quite often and I don’t get where people are coming from with you. I don’t understand their inability to listen to your words, and instead, they try to generalize and formulate these distorted descriptions of who you are and what you stand for. It’s very strange to me, and I don’t know… I mean I kind of do know that you’re challenging a lot of people’s beliefs and the way they’ve structured these beliefs, but it’s very frustrating to me. I’m sure it must be way more frustrating for you.

Jordan Peterson: “Well, it’s kind of surreal to me because I was talking with my kids about this the other day. You know, the way people think I am, especially if they read the hit pieces that journalists have written and maybe even watch me in those interactions. You know they think I’m provocative and they think I like combat and conflict and you know. I don’t. I’m not combative actually, and I really don’t like conflict that much. I go out of my way quite a bit to avoid it.

Clip 2 – Their Relationship With Fans

Jordan Peterson: “So you read about all this, and you see this online, and you think ‘God his life must just be hell’ because of all the controversy but then when I go out in the streets, or to my lectures, or anywhere, it’s completely different. It’s unbelievably different. So now if I walk down the street, I mean when you walk down the street, you just must get identified all the time.

Joe Rogan: “Yea.”

Jordan Peterson: “Like, if you go out in an hour, how many people will come up to you?”

Joe Rogan: “Depends where I go. But if I’m in Hollywood, it’s pretty crazy if I go around young people. If you see men and they have shaved heads and tattoos, it gets nuts. Those are my people. Muscular men.

Jordan Peterson: “So if I go out, and I’m walking down the street, and it doesn’t really matter where –  usually I get approached 5 or 6 times in an hour by people and you know they’re always very polite, and they’re very apologetic, and they’re happy about something they’ve read or listened to or whatever. Or often they talk about our podcast. That’s pretty common. That was common throughout Europe as well, and you know, they tell me about some dark part of their life and how they’re doing much better and how their friends have been watching my videos and are feeling better about it. So it’s just ridiculously positive.”

Clip 3 – When We Look Back in History

Joe Rogan: “I just keep thinking that in time, this is going to be one of the most hysterical periods of time that people look back on, periods of history. Like you know when we look at guys with powdered wigs and you know, preposterous behavior from the past and we go ‘God, what were they thinking.’ I really think we’re going to do the same thing about today.”

Clip 4 – The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast Performance

Jordan Peterson: “The last time we talked I think you were getting some hundred million downloads a month on your podcast.” 

Joe Rogan: “Yea.”

Jordan Peterson: What are your figures? If you don’t mind, what are your figures?”

Joe Rogan: “It’s probably double that. Especially with YouTube and all the YouTube clips and it’s actually probably more than that.”

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